It’s been a long day. It consisted of work (obviously), and work consisted of a meeting where I had people staring at me like I was an idiot when some of the people there required me to explain what “it goes in a bag with the product” three times. The last time I explained it, I threw in hand gestures, like grand ones. I normally talk with my hands, but I don’t do it too often in meetings, especially not when I have to a lot of talking. So that was work. Which was not fun, at all. Well, besides after when I got back to Building A and got to vent… That was fun. And that was about it. After I got home, I got into another argument with my dad… and then I spent tonight watching television, catching up on shows, watched the season finale for Dollhouse (which was amazing).

I have a dentist (you can read about Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions to sort out any kind of issues related to oral health) appointment tomorrow, hopefully it goes well? And hopefully they stop freaking nicking my gums with those pointy metal instruments, it’s rather disconcerting to taste blood when they’re just supposed to be checking out if the surface of my teeth have any cavities. Ugh. Well hopefully it goes well, it’s at noon (whoot?). Chances are, I’m going to have someone informing me that I need to get my wisdom teeth out (again). And instead of talking to me about it, they’ll talk to either my dad or my mom. Because, you know, I can’t make medical decisions for myself and all… That being said, I’m not a fan of the idea of getting teeth yoinked out of my head. Been there, done that – having four adult teeth with very little painkillers was not fun. I can’t imagine getting wisdom teeth, what with their roots and all, getting taken out.

How did your Friday go?

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  1. “It goes in a bag with the product” should be pretty self explanatory, right?

    I’ve always felt weird about adding grand hand gestures in when I’m talking to someone. Sometimes I feel like they expect me to do so. O.o

    My wisdom teeth haven’t come out yet; my orthodontist said that some of them might have to be pulled out because there isn’t room for them. Mean. I’ve had teeth pulled out for braces before though.

    Noon isn’t a great time; usually they say you can’t eat anything for an hour or so? XD

  2. Wow how do you not understand “it goes in a bag with the product?” I’d think that the words speak for themselves. My goodness. That must have been frustrating.

    Good luck at the dentist!

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