I finally had a good experience with this (new-ish) dentist! They had a new dental hygienist who was really nice (and who actually introduced herself, yay for good communication skills). So while she was cleaning my teeth, I watched Horton Hears a Who!, which was an interesting movie (sort of?). I certainly like the book a lot better, from what I can remember of it. But in other teeth-related news, I had no new cavities (yay!) but my dad did. Which was a surprise to everyone else in my family as he’s been the one who goes ‘remember to brush your teeth’ ever since we were really young. But hey, I finally had a good experience at this dentist’s office! Granted, not with the actual dentist himself (who saw my teeth for all of one and a half minutes…) but that’s okay. I made my appointment for next time (in November… but after my birthday! They were going to give me an appointment on my birthday when I said no way that I was going to go to the dentist on my birthday, of all days – they can see me after I rot my teeth with birthday cake!) and the receptionist said that I’ll be getting the same dental hygienist since she likes keeping the same patients. Which is awesome. Because the other guy they have working there? Sucks. And likes to torture patients by nicking gums with pointy metal instruments. My sister agrees with this as well. There was no real mention of my wisdom teeth, besides, some tips from the dental hygienist on how I can actually brush that far back (having to do with how I open my mouth and position my jaw and everything – it’s interesting). But apparently there’s no issues with my wisdom teeth just yet (besides the fact that I can barely brush them, yay?) and they’re not bad. I’ll see how they are in another 6 months. Hopefully not rotting and causing immense amounts of pain!

So… I’m home tonight… Obviously not out, as I’m sure you can all tell… Yay? Not quite. But I’ve spent a lot of time today sleeping. I slept in until about 11am… My dentist appointment was at 12:30 and I was done at about 1:45 (my dad took longer). Then it was off grocery shopping with the family until about… 3-ish. We had shrimp for dinner (mmm, shrimp!). I took a nap between getting home and dinner. Oh! And while we were bringing groceries up to the house, I got to the door first and went to open the storm door for my dad when I saw this little dog running up the steps so I pulled the door closed (letting an unknown little dog into my house? Not fucking likely!) and my dad starts getting mad at me until I start going “There’s a dog!” and pointing down. And the dog was looking up at them and then running back down our steps. And then the dog runs into our backyard. At this point, there’s a woman driving an SUV and a guy running out of the SUV and wanting to know if our backyard is fenced before he runs to grab the dog. Apparently the pooch had run out of the front door of the man’s house, and the woman saw the dog running and offered the man a ride since the dog was too fast. But the dog was rather cute, although a little bad at listening to the commands of ‘COME HERE!’. But cute.

I watched the made-for-tv movie “Spectacular!” yesterday. I honestly have no clue why there’s been so many teen musical movies in the last few years (perhaps High School Muscial is to blame?) but Spectacular!  was actually really good and had some nice songs. I mean, it’s no Les Miserables or Wicked!, but it’s still a decent movie (although, the female main character’s peppiness could have been toned down just a little bit) and the songs are nice and I enjoyed it.

What did you do this Saturday night? And remember that Mother’s Day is tomorrow! (And something else that’s kinda special, but I’ll let you in on that tomorrow – with photos!)

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  1. Wooo. I have only seen part of that movie while I was shopping… just randomly watching… glad it wasn’t a horrible experience at the dentists’ though 🙂

    Ngawww, what a cute dog! XD

  2. A good experience at the dentist?? Wow, I’ve never heard anyone say that before. Must be a nice dentist then. 🙂 That other one sounds horrible.

    I didn’t do much Saturday night, just watched television. High School Musical is ridiculous. It’s ended with everyone wanting to make crap films. Haha. 🙂

  3. I’m glad that the dentist went well. I have been fortunate enough to always have good experiences at the dentist but I’ve heard some horror stories.

  4. From the title I thought that your dad finally decided to get a dog. Perhaps this is a sign that you should get a dog =)

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