@ Kelsey – I suppose it could be a sign that we should get a dog. Or that people should invest in leashes. Or train their little canine friends a little bit more.

But speaking of dogs… Today at volunteering, someone who was visiting their mom (for Mother’s Day, of course), brought in their dog (a lot of people do this, provided they get permission first) and the dog ran off and came near me because I was sitting in an area where some of the residents had dropped lots of crumbs. So I look down, and there’s this furry medium-sized dog snarfing up pastry crumbs around my feet. I reach down calmly, snatch up the leash and give the dog a little tug as I’m getting up so I can take it back to it’s owner. The dog looks up at me for a moment and then goes and stands up on it’s hind legs and puts it’s front paws on my legs. It was kinda cute. I mean, badly behaved and went straight for pastries (although, I must confess, I like pastries too), but still cute. When I relaxed a little, he tried to run back towards the crumbs and I nearly let go of the leash, but I held onto it and it whimpered when it couldn’t run anymore. But the most important thing? I didn’t freak out over being around a dog! And the dog didn’t try to bite me! Score one for getting over my fear of dogs.

Mother’s Day went well in my house. I made breakfast (French toast!) and my family went out for lunch (without me, asI had volunteering at 1pm). Then for dinner my sister cooked (… she never cooks, so it was kind of weird) and she cooked halibut with tomatoes, which was really good (my dad helped her). So that was cool. For my mommy’s Mother’s Day gift, besides the meals, my sister and I paid for a set of new gardening tools for her. She likes gardening (despite her many allergies, some of which include allergies to certain types of trees, grasses and flowers), and the hand tools that she had were from before I was even born so… We got her new ones. And she likes them! The old ones had hard plastic handles, these ones are a little bit more friendly towards using them for long periods of time. So she likes them, which is awesome. We also got her pink pastries (… it was a spur of the moment kind of thing).

And… May 10th is also my non-anniversary anniversary with the Boyfriend! Confused? (It’s okay, half the time I am too!). Last year, I asked him out on May 10th (and if what I wrote was correct, it was like sometime just past midnight). I annoyed my very wonderful friend K to death about it, going back and forth on if I was going to ask him out or not. And kept her up while doing it as well (the crazy girl loves company?). So I asked him out. And… he took on his own sweet time getting back to me on that one. Or what seemed like an incredibly long time (everything seems a lot longer when you’re anticipating an answer and you’re not quite sure of it’s going to be a positive or a negative answer). So, I kept her up and kept myself up while I was at it. Obviously, he agreed to go out with me (or else I wouldn’t be referring to him as anything besides “That Guy From Work Who Rejected Me” – althought that’s a bit long, I’d probably just call him “C”). And K stayed up with me until I got an answer. =) Granted, we didn’t go out on our first date until after the summer was over and until I started up school again (… in September). So technically, not our anniversary (which was decided on back in… March – we take our own sweet time doing things) but I’m a complete dork and have to mention it anyways! Mostly because I’m a complete dork and mostly because I wanted to show off what I gave him!

You may have already seen the photos over at Chelle-Chelle.com (where I mentioned a little bit about the construction and yarn fibers) or seen on my Flickr (if you happen to be following me) or over on my sidebar (when I uploaded them earlier, prior to volunteering when I hadn’t had a chance to write this entry yet). But nonetheless, this poor guy is getting cross-posted just about everywhere.



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  1. Yay for a good Mother’s Day! My mom also loves to garden. I should have bought her gardening supplies, too. What a brilliant idea!

    Happy non-anniversary anniversary! That was an amusing story. 🙂

    And I love that little dude! I’m not sure what to call him but he’s adorable. I wish I could crochet! Or that I had a friend who crocheted!

  2. Happy non-anniversary anniversary! Try going to Disneyland with an ‘I’m Celebrating!’ button and try to explain it to the first Cast Member who asks you what you’re celebrating. I’d bank on a blank stare and a polite nod 😛

    For Mother’s Day I just took my mom out to dinner. It was Japanese food so it was ‘spensive, but I didn’t feel the need to buy her something because I bought her a pot of flowers last year (a tremendous accomplishment, as I hate flowers and ended up having to carry the stupid thing) and although it was half-dead then, they’re flourishing now. It’s her Mother’s Day plant, she calls it c:

    That is one cute gift for Clay, but um… what is it? o.O

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