@ KristiPrawns (or shrimp, both terms are used – but there is a difference!) are crustaceans. Just like crabs and lobsters. And, in short, are seafood and kind of a basic part of my diet (… well, I wish).

Sunday was fairly good. I had volunteering from 1-3 where I interacted with my group of residents. Some of them were in little snitty moods, so that wasn’t very much fun. But most of them were fairly good. There was a new volunteer there who basically pissed them all off as she just made faces at them and bent down and put her face very close to theirs… But they do like me (yay) so that’s good.

I spent some time at K’s house yesterday between volunteering at date night with Clay. It involved me flopping on her bed while she was taking notes from her textbook, which is always fun. He came by a while later to pick me up. We ended up talking before deciding where we wanted to go. I’m incredibly indecisive and… we ended up eating at that place with the taxidermy on the walls. However, we were seated at a table and from where I was sitting, I could see a fireplace and snowshoes on the walls instead of deer heads and antler chandeliers, yay! So there was that, and once we finished eating (… Oh, in the restaurant, Clay was awesome and decided to point out the fact that behind me were two antler chandeliers… Bleh, taxidermy) and got our lollipops (… Seriously, this place gives out lollipops when the bill’s given and provides crayons for drawing on the paper on the table). Of course, I just had to be a clutz and when I was reaching for the orange one (the other was green, lemon/lime-ish flavoured), I dropped it on the ground. Go me!

We went to the movies and we watched Fighting (Channing Tatum, Terrance Howard). It was an okay movie… Had more ‘stuff’ happening than Adventureland, but it moved very slow at most points. It was also rather predictable at the ending, but that’s okay… It went okay. There were a lot of chatty people in the theatre. The movie has been out for a while, so we didn’t anticipate a lot of people, and there weren’t. The three boys sitting in front of us were chatty… So were some people somewhere behind us to the left. But the movie was okay… Definitely Wolverine next time though (it was playing too, but over 30min after Fighting started, or something like that).

So that was the movie. Then we just hung out and talked (… about work, I’m totally serious! And people at work). We listened to music (hello, mixed cds) and… Yeah. That’s about it.

And now it’s Monday (And it’s a holiday! Victoria Day!) so I finished up my super-awesome-super-secret crochet project. No photos yet, but here’s a hint. His name is “Mr Snuffles”. Any guesses as to what it is?

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  1. Im going to guess something odd.. and bright colored.

    That place sounds so homey! Hah. Taxidermy is so common here and many of my relatives have deer heads and bears in their houses..so..yea, common.

    and I absolutely love shrimp. how could I have not known that’s what a prawn was? sillyme.

  2. Sounds like a good end to the weekend. I don’t think I would be comfortable with dead animals around while I’m eating either. That creeps me out just a little. Okay… a lot.

    My first guess was Snuffy from Sesame Street like Nichole. Could be something else with a big nose, like an elephant or something?

  3. Oh I see. That’s a bit more complicated than I thought :S

    I’m guessing Mr Snuffles is some kind of animal 🙂 I haven’t heard of Victoria day but it’s a state in Australia 😛

    I haven’t heard of that movie haha. I hate when there are chatty people in the theatre. When I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, there was this idiotic woman behind us telling the person next to her about the movie and basically recounting the whole thing O.o

  4. K is taking classes this semester?
    Or maybe this is a different K than the K I’m thinking of. Letters for names = confusing
    Seriously, awesome place next to the place with the taxidermy. And it has delicious unlimited soup! Idk why you keep going back there if you dislike it so.

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