This is what a “Mister Snuffles” looks like. Go check him out. He is going to be given away tomorrow to D. Plus I had a lot of fun photographing him, he’s quite the ham for the camera. He even takes over my face at one point (but I decided not to post up photographic evidence of the fact that I lost a fight with a stuffie). But nonetheless, Mister Snuffles is done and all wrapped up and ready to be given away to his new home.

Today’s been pretty okay, in terms of… work. It was relatively slow. I spent way too much time trying to schedule meetings for the week. And since I have to drive for the meetings, I was hoping to get them on the same day, just at different times. No such luck. I have one tomorrow morning and one on Friday morning. My mom has one on Thursday morning. All with different to go over completely different things. So many meetings! I might be scheduling another one for Friday as well, I’m not sure yet… I’ll have to see how tomorrow goes first. Must say, I didn’t anticipate so many meetings this summer. Oh well, I get to meet new people (although, after the initial meeting, they’re not so new anymore).

People were fairly chatty with me today. Some people that don’t say much to me beyond ‘Hi Michelle’ and ‘Good morning, Michelle’ asked about my weekend. When I mentioned volunteering, they’ll ask me where I volunteer and what I do. One of them commented that it was good that I was doing something ‘worthwhile’ with my time rather than spray painting buildings… I must say, I’ve never spray painted a building before in my life, so I don’t think that I’d be doing that if I wasn’t volunteering for just two hours out of a week.

I had a weird conversation with people in the lunch room. Well, it was a sort of conversation. With A and A2 (I think I’m going to get confused with this…). A2 asked me what I did over the long weekend, and he told me what he did. A mentioned what he did as well and then I commented about volunteering and A just looks and me and then I get this conversation happening.

A: So, has anyone died on you yet?
M: [insert blink and stare here] Erm… No, they haven’t.
A2: Oh, well I bet someone will soon! [laughter]
A: You know when you become a nurse, people will die on you, right? Of course, if you end up treating me, I promise not to die. [wink and a chuckle]
M: [… not quite sure what to say] Umm, okay? [goes to microwave to collect lunch]
A: You know you have to be ready for it, right? I mean, everyone dies eventually.
M: [starts eating pasta] Uh huh… [opens newspaper to comics]
A2: I think she’s ignoring you.
A: Michelle, are you ignoring me?
M: What’s that?

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  1. I’m not trying to get exempt from a course – just a subject which only takes 14 weeks to do. She still didn’t care to tell me about the subject or give me further reasoning :/ Currently she’s taking the place of the professor while she’s on leave. She’s also my lecturer.

    Figured! I still think it’s odd to steal a jumper (that didn’t have pockets)? :S

    I don’t know who spray paints buildings but I know you do much more interesting things. Go Mr Snuffles 8D

    Yet, I think it’s rather strange when people talk to you and you don’t normally have a chat with them. It’s a bit awkward.

    Rather an awkward conversation about people dying on you though. I wouldn’t know what to say if I had been in that situation. 😛

  2. Mr. Snuffles is so cute 🙂 I want a stuffed octupus!

    It’s quite awkward when you chat with people you normally don’t talk to.. I suppose that’s how you meet new people though 😉

    That’s a weird conversation.. Wonder why they were talking about that?


  3. LOL I loved the part when you said “What’s that?”. It’s the exact response I can imagine you giving.

    Spray painting buildings eh? …No I can’t imagine you don’t that.

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