Wednesday has been a lot more cheerful. However, I didn’t manage to avoid interacting with A (this is the problem when I take lunch at the same time that he does… as it’s the same time that my mom does and nowadays, beyond driving to and from work, it’s the only time I have to talk to her at work.) this morning. I was walking with my stuff towards the stairs to get started on my day and he’s walking in the opposite direction and he stops and goes “Hey!” with this great big smile and I pretend that he’s talking to D, who was walking with me and going on about something about someone at work, and I continue on my merry way. Trying to avoid him doesn’t work though. Why? Because by avoiding him, he was convinced that I’m not feeling well and therefore will ask everyone (it seems) if I’ve seemed sick lately. Maybe I should tattoo the words “leave me alone” on my forehead, because actually saying those words has no effect whatsoever.

But in other news… Work’s been going well-ish. Got a lot of work done, and then it was pretty relaxed after about 1pm-ish. I have a meeting tomorrow at the start of work (8am, my boss is trying to make me fall asleep or something, I swear) that I have to attend and be there for and actually talk in it… I hate talking. Which, if you know me offline, you’re probably laughing about since sometimes, I do nothing but talk. And I go on and on and on and can ramble on forever. And then I have another meeting tomorrow at 1pm, that will probably go on for about an hour. That’s at Building B, so that involves driving. And one other interesting thing that happened at work today, I was having a conversation with M. He’s really nice, and he makes an effort to learn the basics of a lot of languages, since he needs to interact with clients and suppliers and such, at times. So I taught him a new greeting! It’s one of the greetings from Stargate SG-1, that involves hands moving around in a circle and going “Comtrya!” with a great big smile. He thought it was hilarious and thinks that I’m a total scifi nut now (and, considering some of the shows I watch, that’s perfectly okay). But now he uses it whenever he sees me at work, so it’s kinda funny.

What else happened today? Oh! I had lobster for dinner!!!!!!!! My dad went and bought it, it was $5/lbs (regular price is closer to $20) and he bought 2 of them and there’s 14lbs in total… Yum! I have a thing for seafood, it’s kind of a weakness, really. And in addition to my awesome dinner that my dad actually went out and went shopping for… He made chicken, which was good as well and it’s easier to bring to work for lunch than the lobster is. Mmm, lobster.

I shall stop drooling over my laptop keyboard any moment now. Honest.

And… My sister’s coming home today and her plane arrives within the hour so we have to eventually leave so we can pick her up. And of course I’m going, because I got guilted into it. “Why can’t you be a nice daughter like your sister? She does things for us without us having to ask her!” and on and on and on. So annoying. Oh well.

I hope you all had an excellent Wednesday and that your Thursday is even better.

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  1. Luckily everything in my wallet was left alone! I think my brother new that would be pushing it a bit far and would result in a butt kicking. 😉

    Gah. I’m sorry about the whole A mess. I can only imagine how frustrating that is. Isn’t there a way to get him in trouble or something? If he’s making you uncomfortable… I dunno.

    Good luck with dealing with him, as well as speaking in that early early early morning meeting tomorrow!

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