So last night was fun. We went out to a restaurant (the choice in restaurants had to be changed as the first one had a power outage) and there was about ten of us. K had invited everyone, so everyone knew her and every time someone new showed up, she’d have to do introductions again. I think next time, I’ll just get a shirt with my name on it and wear that out. It’ll make things so much easier. But I had fun. I ate key lime pie, which was delicious. K enjoyed herself by ordering drinks (they cut her off after a few though). It was cute, she regaled everyone with stories of last drunken antics. I’d heard most of the stories before, so it was interesting to hear about it.

But going out again tonight, which will be fun as well. Not quite sure what all the activities will be, but I’ll find out anyways. It may very well involve drinking tea and loads of desserts… Which is kind of straight up my alley considering how much of a sweet tooth I have. So not sure about that, but it sounds like it’ll be fun. I have no clue who’s all going to that, besides the hostess, so hopefully I know almost everyone and won’t be like “Erm… Hi? I really need to get my name screen printed onto a shirt.”

So far, I’ve spent this morning… Watching clips from Britain’s Got Talent. I mocked that little teary-eyed girl (Hollie Steel, who broke down and got a second chance during the semi finals) a little bit after I watched it. If she had been, say, 16 years old and broke down, I doubt they would have given her a second chance. But she was 10 and put on the tears and the “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease *tear*” so very well. I hope she doesn’t win… But good for her for pulling on heartstrings and getting pity from the audience. But, to each their own. If she wins, people will always speculate if the breakdown on stage had anything to do with it.

But overall, everything’s been going well so far. Apparently I’m going out for lunch with the family and the extended family today? I just found out three minutes ago. So that should be interesting. My eldest sister has been back since Wednesday night and so far has not done any of the dishes or any other chores besides just organizing her own stuff. Her excuse was that she gave my parents money earlier this year and that ‘counts as rent’ so she doesn’t ‘need to do anything’. I wonder how disasterous her apartment down in the US was then… I mean, she had to pay rent, and so if the same logic applies, she never had clean dishes, clothes or floors. Doubt she pulled the same crap there though. She didn’t have anyone to pawn the work off of. I did the laundry this morning and left out all of her clothes… We’ll see how long it takes for her to start doing chores around the house again.

Anyways, for this summer, I’m determined to do more than I did last summer. More time spent with my friends and with Clay. The zoo, the aquarium, hiking, parades, (window) shopping in malls that I don’t regularly go to. More crafting, more everything. Hopefully it’ll all work out. I’m trying to determine to see if I can go paintballing next weekend right now. Although it might overlap with volunteering, so I might do that instead – not sure yet. But shooting paintballs at people that I don’t know? Always fun.

So how was your Friday night? What do you have planned for today?

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  1. I’m glad you had a nice time. I hope you have fun tonight again too.

    Man I get so addicted to watching BGT clips. I can do it for hours upon hours.

  2. Paintball! you have more guts then I do. I would love to play it but the whole thing about getting the bruises turned me off.

    Yesterday, went to practice then few hours later had to drive back out for our team pub night.

  3. It’s always nice to do things on the weekend. For me, the weekend is about relaxing, since we usually do most of our stuff during the week.

  4. BGT is awful. I try not to watch it because it’s so addictively bad. I did see one performance, flawless. I love them so mucha. 🙂

    My Friday night was lame.I sleep way to much not it’s summer. Gah. ¬.¬

    I hope you do get to do those things with Clay and your friends. 🙂

  5. Ha. I’d do that shit to my sister too. Only she’s pretty much vowed never to move back down from Washington, so whatever.

    I’m impatient for summer too, although it’s guaranteed I’ll be working 40+ hours every week x.x I might not even get my birthday off, as it’s the middle of summer and thus peak season at the park. Hooray.

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