I’m entirely and utterly infatuated with Blythe dolls. I don’t even have one, but I really want one. I even have potential names picked out. I’ve decided which eye colours I’d like best with which dolls. I have patterns downloaded from the interwebs for dresses, coats, shirts, skirts, tights and hats. I know which ones I like, which ones I could definitely live without. I’m not even really sure why it is, maybe it’s because I didn’t have a lot of dolls when I was younger (I believe I had a grand total of 3-4 Barbie dolls, 30+ stuffed animals that has grown in recent years due to my crafting). Or maybe it’s because I want to get back into sewing again. And I like cute, small things.

Am I a little obsessed? Sure, of course I am. I’m just going to be busily crunching numbers once I find out how much I need to pay for tuition and an approximate cost for books. I’m hoping I’ll be able to justify the purchase of a doll… Fingers crossed!

I justify my time spent looking at dolls and noticing price trends because everyone needs a hobby. And just looking at dolls is a lot better than going shopping for beads (… which I’m doing with my sister on Saturday… But only for focal beads, as I’m lacking those but have smaller ones everywhere in my room*).

I am so looking forward to tomorrow! There’s going to be a barbecue at Building B tomorrow for work, so everyone’s heading over and it should be a lot of fun. There’s supposed to be announcements and such, so I am looking forward to that as well. I’m also spending some time with Clay on Saturday. I’m really hoping that I get to play Dr. Mario again… It’s fun playing on my computer and all, but it’s a lot more fun when I’m playing against someone (… I’m a little bit competitive sometimes).

I’ve been making a lot of jewellery lately, and I hope to get a chance to get some photos up soon! And I’ve also been spending some free time reading smutty and not-so smutty romance lately. … I have also been reading my organic chemistry notes. Why? Because I’m crazy paranoid of failing the course in September, that’s why.

Anyways, I hope that you all had a wonderful and fabulous Thursday and that your Friday is even better!

* Not literally. I have them all very neatly organized.. in several boxes.

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  1. Those Blythe dolls still kind of freak me out, haha. As a child I think I had a big ragdoll and a few “special” Barbies. A princess Barbie is one I remember. 🙂 I was more into Polly Pocket and Starcastles. :S

    I hope you have fun at the barbecue! There’s a barbecue at uni every Thursday; I just never noticed. 😛

    Getting competitive with games is good, haha. 😀 James and I play really silly games online, like card games.

  2. I have a midterm, my friday won’t be better =P
    So jealous of you and everyone else who gets to work all summer long.
    You’re crazy to be reading organic chem notes already. But hey, whatever helps you pass is all good in my books.
    Have a good time at the BBQ tomorrow. Try not to get too much food thrown at you.
    Oh and question. Do you consistently refer to each building with the same letter? If so, which one is the original plastics factory and which is the new acquisition.
    I feel like such a fangirl asking questions in comments. But you’re not online late at night anymore. Sadface.

  3. Ha. I’ve got my Blythe doll choices narrowed down to three… and have been looking at clothes on Etsy every now and again to see which outfits I like best for which doll.

    I’ve been telling myself for two years that I’ll buy myself one for my birthday. It still hasn’t happened. Maybe the third time will be the charm… and I’ll celebrate 25 with a Blythe doll.

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