Cody – I’ve narrowed my choices down as well (finally). I’m hoping to get my first Blythe – a Milky Way Sugar or Love mission – by the end of the summer. I’d like a mini-me! I’ve been telling myself for the last little while that I will get one. Then I balk at the prices. But since I’ve been seriously noticing pricing trends, the prices have gone up! I want to get MWS or LM before she (erm, they) gets ridiculously overpriced and out of my reach (like MML – Margaret Meets Ladybug – did). I’m pretty much literally stalking Blythe forums and ebay at the moment for the right price… I need a life (and a Blythe!).

Kelsey – I do consistently use the same letters for the buildings. Building A is the original plastics factory and Building B was the company that was acquired last summer. I’ve been spending most of my time lately over at Building A… Now that I know my phone extension, I can give it to people and it’s a lot easier to keep in touch with the people that I need to remind (repeatedly) to forward completed documents back to me.

So today is Friday and it was the duo-company (which is technically now one company) barbecue! It was quite a bit of fun, Building A pretty much completely shut down by 11:30am and I started eating at about noon. We all stayed there for quite a bit (until about 1:15pm or so). Which was a treat, considering the usual amount of time that we’re allowed for lunch is 30 minutes.

There was burgers and salad and cookies (!!!) and chips and drinks (of the non-alcoholic variety, of course). At about noon, I got a text message from the boyfriend because he was awake, which I was kinda confused about at first since I totally expected him to still be in bed – but he showed up at the company barbecue! I didn’t get a chance to talk to him, which sucked… I spent a few minutes near the end trying to track down two different people in order to get the papers that they keep on refusing to have sent to Building A for me so I can actually input the data. Which, I found out after I got back to Building A, I can’t yet. Because the people who developed the ‘new and awesome program’ that we’re supposed to be using? They forgot to include the other building in it and some important details that pertain to that.

Due to the new company name and logo and such, we all got gifted with things that have the new company logo on them! So I’m now the owner of a new coffee cup and a blanket that rolls up and has a ‘secret’ pocket and such. Which is pretty cool. Went back to my computer and found seven new emails… From people who were at the barbecue. Good fun.

So… the weekend. There’s the bead sale that I’m probably going to check out, maybe get a few things (not sure yet). Then there’s spending time with the boyfriend… Pretty sure we’re going out for dinner, I’m crossing my fingers for video games and Skittles (and hopefully he reads this so that he can oblige!) or maybe I’ll attempt to talk him into driving me to the only store in BC that carries Blythe dolls… (and maybe he can oblige to that as well!)

How was your Friday? I hope it went well (especially that midterm, Kelsey!) and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I’ve never seen either of those dolls. I like Milky Way Sugar.

    My choices are Primadolly Aubrey, Primadolly Aubrena, and Friendly Freckles. They’re all too similar to get more than one… but, they’re just different enough that I can’t really decide.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun, haha. My Friday was pretty good since the family that was visiting…left. 😀 That sounds so bad, haha.
    I’ve seen those Blythe dolls a lot. I’m not really interested in them, though. 🙁

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