Les Miserables was brilliant. Absolutely, positively, amazingly brilliant. I’m so happy that I went to see the production, it was just so good and definitely surpassed my expectations. Of course, there were some parts that I didn’t like as much as others, but being able to watch the entire production and hear all the songs that don’t regularly occur in the soundtracks (unless I’m listening to The Complete Symphonic soundtrack) and how everything is linked together by shorts bursts of sung dialogue… Just so amazing!

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

After the play, C and I went over to K’s house. J was there and we hung out there for a little bit, I went home a little bit before 2am. Luckily no one was awake when I got home, hehe. But it was just so amazing. I ended up going to bed at around 3am and woke up at 8 briefly before falling back to sleep and getting up (for real) at 11. Lack of sleep sucks, by the way, for all of you who actually gets the suggested 7-8 hours of sleep each day. I’m totally going to bed early today… Maybe at around 10pm or so? First time in ages, but I’m just so wanting sleep!

So today, I went to volunteering (thankfully wasn’t late, despite leaving my house only 5 minutes before 1pm – thank goodness for living so close to it and borrowing the car!). Volunteering went wonderfully, I had a great time there. We played frisbee and frogs (throwing frisbees and beanbag frogs at target across the room), which was fun. I managed to defuse an argument before it occurred and made many cups of coffee and tea today.

Hope everyone’s been having a great weekend so far. I have oodles of unfinished craft projects littering my room so I should probably go and get something done, so I can say that I did something productive.

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  1. Haha when I go to work, I leave about 5 minutes before I start. It’s kind of risky. We live pretty close but with one traffic light in the way, it can cause a tiny delay!

    Mm, I haven’t seen a play in a while. I like watching operas; haven’t seen one since last year so I might have to start saving up and everything. 😛

    For me, doing something productive means… something on the computer. D:

    Oh, and that picture on your last blog, haha. I don’t know how you managed to do that, but we have a fork that somehow got like that. :S

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