Occasionally, people at work will ask me how to (correctly!) pronounce my mom’s name. Only because different people will pronounce it differently, stressing either the first or last syllable. So today I got asked how to pronounce her name. And this is what happened:

D: Hey Michelle, what do you call your mom?
M: “Mom”…?
D: Well, I know that. But how do you pronounce her name?
M: [says mom’s name]
D: I knew it!
M: You’re kind of weird, you know that?
D: Damn it, just kind of?

And someone else asked me how to pronounce her name as well, but that conversation was a little less amusing, at least for the beginning. Work has been very slow lately. I’ve been testing new programs (which failed, by the way, overall as it crashed when I hit save in a specific table) and doing my regular old boring data entry work.

Oh, and then I was asked this:

A: So it is Me-chelle or Ma-chelle?

I polled my family. It’s a tie for the two (common) ways of pronouncing my name right now. So please tell me, do you pronounce the name ‘Michelle’ with ‘Me’ or ‘Ma’ for the first syllable?

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  1. I’d go with me-chelle..

    but in my head its more like ‘mi’ instead of ‘me’ like with emphasis on the ‘i’ – how the I sounds in ‘it’.

  2. Uhh…I pronounce it like, “Muh-shell”. Wait…maybe it’s the same as “ma”…I dunno. *says it outloud* Yeah, “ma/muh”. I’m a northerner, sue me. 😛

  3. To clarify… since it would be weird for me to consistently pronounce it both ways…

    Mih-Shell is the “right” way for me… Muh-Shell is the sort of lazy pronunciation.

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