I’d like to start off with a mention that Kimm is currently raising money for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Paddle for Kids event. It’s a non-competitive dragonboating event that will benefit the hospital in the way of new equipment, research and clinical care (and yes, I half-paraphrased that from the website!). If you wish to sponsor Kimm and donate money towards a really great cause, please go to her fundraising page.

It’s been a pretty relaxing day… Except for the part where I thought I crashed the database, deleted crucial information from the server and managed to trip down the stairs. (By the way, I did not crash the database – it wasn’t my fault, and I didn’t delete crucial information. However, I did fall down the stairs… Twice.) I had this conversation with a coworker today.

D: Hey there, Smurfette!
M: What did you call me? [Wasn’t really paying attention…]
D: I said ‘Hey there, Smurfette’.
M: I don’t think that I’m the same size as a Smurf, D.
D: Yeah… You need to grow another inch still!*
M: You’re an a—–e.
D: Thank you.

* According to Wikipedia, a Smurf is “3 apples tall”. I’m 5’1″. Those are some pretty big apples there.

Besides some ‘interesting’ conversations withwork people, things have been going alright… Despite my minor freakouts and stumbling and such. The Boyfriend has switched shifts and will be on graveyard for all of this week and the next five weeks. It’s kind of really depressing… Because he technically gets off work before I even arrive so I hardly ever to get to see him. And if I do see him, he’s been either about to leave/talking to his bestest or talking to someone at work… about work. And that’s just boring. So I’ve thrown myself at work (and course registering!) the last three days. Granted, me throwing myself at work makes me be more productive… And that’s always a great thing. Except for when I’m not, because I’m too busy on the phone with someone trying to explain how the same document can be used for three different things. Some people just have zero reading comprehension sometimes. If the title of something says (for example): “Form for A, B and C”, I should not get a phone call going “Hey Michelle, I have the form for A, but I’m missing the one for B and C”.

People make me want to hit my head against a wall. Hard.

So what have you been up to lately? Anything interesting? Tell me! My life’s been boring… For the last 3 days.

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  1. thanks for the mention 🙂
    Next year I’ll get you on the boat hehe

    Yay for a relaxing day, An apple that big would freak me out.

  2. I think it’s great that Kimm is doing that, too. I should plug her too.

    Haha that conversation made me giggle. Three apples tall. That’s cute. I always pictured them smaller, to be honest.

    I’ve just been cooking a lot. I’m getting my wedding photos today too! (The professional ones.) So I am excited.

  3. it’s rather expensive, but it’s worth the money! 🙂
    snakes are interesting, but they’re so slimey, and squirmy, it makes me want to squirm..
    Falling down the stairs 0.o that sounds like a great day!
    Only 3 apples tall, that sounds interesting 😛 Maybe they are huge apples. Like giganto size!

  4. Well Smurfette is popular and well liked at least. Almost every boy and smurf wants smurfette as their girlfriend.

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