Jenna – Smurfette, poor thing, was also the only female among all those Smurfs… Bet life sucked, off-camera.

For the last week, I’ve been a prisoner (so to speak) to my own ears. I got my ears pierced last August and since then haven’t changed them out for other earrings too often. I sleep with my starter studs in, I’ve changed them out for dangly earrings (on kidney or French ear wires) a few times, but I always go back to the starter studs… The ones with the butterfly earring backings. But… Last week I wore dangly earrings for a day, and then put the studs back in. Heh… I think I’m a little challenged at times because I can’t get them off now. I’ve been trying to get them off every day for the last week. Didn’t work, obviously, as I’m still going on about them. So I texted one of my most wonderful friends in the world with a plea for help today. Hopefully I can be free of these studs soon (first I’m going to go shopping to get a new pair… Ones that don’t have such a deep groove on the post!). I’ve looked up everything that I could possibly think of on the internet regarding removing earrings with the damned butterfly backings. No help. The advice of ‘pulling hard on the backing while keeping the front part still’…? Yeah… It wouldn’t move! I can’t tell if I put the backings on at an angle though, it’s hard to tell. Nothing like not being able to remove jewellery to make you go “What the f*** did I do?!”.

Work’s been crazy boring the last few days (read: Monday to today) as I’ve been slowed down, slower than a snail’s pace, when it comes to doing my work as other people don’t have the time to supply me with the data that I need to enter. And since I’m doing data entry, that is a fairly important thing to have! So I spend my time reading over my work notes, doing what I can, making notes of everything that I need to go over with people later on. There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be reviewed. I got really bored today and actually counted. There’s over two hundred different documents that need to be reviewed, currently. My lists are just sitting on my text. Neatly. Accumulating daily. It’s depressing. Maybe tomorrow I’ll organize my desk a bit, it’s been looking fairly shabby lately and it would be good to actually be able to see most of the fake wood grain on my desk. Because, you know. I just live for that fake wood grain. And the drawers that never stay close. And my super-squeaky office chair. And my massive amount of Post-It notes everywhere (in purple, yellow, orange and green – in various sizes). I should take photos one day, probably on my last day. I do it every year. I think people are getting used to being asked “May I please take a picture?” near the end of the summer now. Only seven more work weeks, and one day, until it’s back-to-school with me!

It’s kind of daunting because I’m taking so many second year courses that most of my friends have already taken. Which, I suppose, is what happens, when your actual ‘year’ status is one below everyone else. I mean, I’m going to be two years older than the majority of the people who will be taking math with me. I’m going to be a year older than a lot of the people taking all my biology and my chemistry course with me. A little bit older, and hopefully a little bit wiser? I ended up learning a lot after I recognized my failings as a student during my first (first) year. I really buckled down in terms of studying and reviewing and not sleeping in class (haha) once it came to my second go around at first year. Granted, most of the classes I ended up taking last year were second year courses, but that’s only because I talked to an advisor about that for my electives and was added in by the advisor. And I’m  hoping that the upcoming school year will be just as good (or better!) as my last one. I’m in a much better mindset now than I was in 2007, when I was first starting out. I think I really needed that (expensive!!!) wake-up call in order to get into a place where I was actually willing to learn, rather than taking courses because “everyone else is taking them so I have to as well”. I learned from that. I’m so glad I did, because I’d rather not have an expensive wake-up call again.

Anyways, I’m off to go make something now. Idle hands are no use to me! I hope to get photos of new craft projects up soon.

How was your Thursday? Hope it went well!

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  1. Yeah, when I graduated college I didn’t know what the hell to do with myself! I hope you find yourself some nice projects to fill your time. 🙂

    As for the earrings, I was lucky enough to get them pierced when I was very little. They’ll never close up now. I won’t wear earrings for months at a time and then I can still get them in. What used to help me was turning the earrings every so often so that your ears won’t close up around the earrings.

  2. It’s okay. I should be in 3rd year but I’m in second year classes and even one first year courses. Hopefully I can transition back into school life okay

    I think everybody got the first year wake up call one way or another.

    I also feel pain for Smurfette.

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