Not much to report thus far. I slept in quite a bit today, which was awesome. But I did get up before noon, so not so much. And I did fall asleep sometime after 3am, so I need to work on that a lot. Especially as once September rolls around, I’ll be getting up at 5am on a daily basis for school. No more staying up for me! I’m going to be going to bed extra early for the last two weeks of August in order to get used to it. I don’t want to screw myself over that early in the school year by falling asleep in class!

Volunteering went so well today. I got roped into playing a card game with someone there and it was one I’d never played before (it’s called Kings Corners and I found a website with the rules, so you can check it out too!). It’s a lot like Solitaire, but it’s multi-player. I played so many rounds, she admitted later that she let me win a few times! I was kinda insulted, haha. But she said she stopped letting me win after I won in my first turn in one of the rounds. I also played a pseudo-Jeopardy with the people at volunteering as well as more cards and I played server and made many (many, many, many) cups of coffee (bleh) and tea (yay). Overall, volunteering went well.

There was a bit of a mishap where one of the volunteers (L) was commenting on another volunteer’s clothing choices for the day. C had leaned over once to get a straw out of the lower drawer and apparently L could see the waistband of the girl’s underwear and commented on ‘granny panties’ and whatnot. It was rude and G (our supervisor-type coordinator) rolled her eyes while I went “Have you seen what you’re wearing today?”.

L was in clubbing gear, essentially. Open-toed flats (which we are not allowed since we help with moving wheelchairs and carts). Very low-cut dress (not allowed, due to sensiblities and the fact that some of the residents will start sexually harassing us for it) and skirt that was mid-thigh (also not allowed, because of sensibilities, again – considering most of the residents were all born pre-1940s, they all like us to be a little bit “covered”). Oh, and her entire bra was basically showing (it’s so difficult to have a conversation with someone who’s 6’1″ when their bra’s completely showing and eye-level with your face).

She started to defend herself and G just cut in there and restated the rules and that L should have gone home and changed (she slept over at a friend’s house and then went straight from there to volunteering) and changed into something appropriate and that L should have been very glad that none of the residents had complained about it as they normally do. Or they normally throw food down the shirts of women wearing low cut tops (I saw someone learn that the hard way!)

I stayed an extra half-hour to help out one of my favourite residents (he’s such a charmer!) with his blueberries. Which was fun, actually, he likes telling me random stories from when he was younger. Besides that, I didn’t really do much after I got home. A lot of computer, some coding, some Photoshopping and photo-taking for me today. I also read a book and whatnot.

New fanlisting up, for the relationship between Ethan Lovett and Lulu Spencer of General Hospital (they’re half-siblings) and it is called “Acceptance”. As, in soap opera-land, they only recently discovered their familial connection and she accepted him (while her brother and other half-brother are kinda… rude and unforgiving at times). Worked on my dolly blog, but it’s not quite finished yet (I just can’t decide between 2 columns or 3!; but there is a new photo up on my Flickr photostream of my darling Sophie. I love that girl so much.

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  1. Aw I hate when people don’t have the decency to dress appropriately for certain occasions. And how rude of her to comment on someone else’s clothing choices! That irritates me. I’m glad you’re still enjoying volunteering. The guy with the blueberries and stories sounds really cool.

  2. I went to a nursing home once to deliver valentine’s day cards to the folks. I enjoyed it, but some people were a bit creeped out by it. I’d love to volunteer, though!

    I hate when girls talk about what someone’s wearing when they look like they’re about to work the corner. DX

  3. I’m so thrilled to hear that volunteering went so well for you! I really need to volunteer more. I just wish I had more time. But blah, I’m sorry that chick didn’t dress herself properly! *shakes head* Lame.

    Your Sophie doll is adorable yet creepy all at once!

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