I managed to get a work project done today! Although, knowing work, they’ll take 5 days to review it and then have me doing minor corrections between now and when I leave (6 work weeks and 3 days left!). Of course, it was also the first day since the 10th that I’ve actually gotten to talk to Clay while at work. I’m dead serious. It’s… rather depressing and I don’t like it one bit. People at work have actually started to get on my nerves the last few days. So, in short, I avoid them and attempt to only interact with some people whenever I actually have to.

Because it’s hardly ever appropriate to spend the majority of a conversation staring at a person’s chest. Especially when the person tells you to look up. Twice. Just throwing that out there. As a word of advice.

It is also inappropriate to use cutesy pet names for someone who thinks that you’re a complete sleaze.

In short, I’m not quite liking people at work at the moment. Well, some people. Not all of them. Just the ones who are dreadfully inappropriate. Which has grown in number in the last 24 hours.

But to end off with something remotely cute…. What is the most ridiculous or silly nickname that a friend or a significant other has given you?

Mine is “Little Miss Nutty McNutterson”. Both ridiculous and silly, isn’t it?

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  1. I suppose you are right 😛
    It does look a little clashy now you mention it, oh well… xD

    Haha, that sounds very silly 😛
    Mine was Kaela bo faela ma ba layla. In like a Jamaican accent 😛

  2. That is seriously a bummer about your coworkers. I know from experience that the people you work with make ALL the difference in your time there. I hope things improve!

    You know, I’ve never really had a cutesy pet name. Just Heath (Hannah). Though my ex did frequently call me love…

  3. Ugh, I’m sorry that you have such sleazy coworkers. D: That sucks hardcore. I mean, seriously? They keep looking even AFTER you’ve told them to look up multiple times? Completely ridiculous. Can’t they be reported for some sort of harassment, or something? XD

    Hm, I don’t think that I’ve ever ended up with any nicknames THAT extreme, haha, but Hannah has been calling me “Wifey” for the past few months after we were “married” as part of a joke. XD

  4. Luckily, the only people I tend to interact with at work are older women. They don’t really do anything objectionable, unless something I say sort of asks for it. (Don’t tell a 50-year-old new grandmother that you don’t want kids. It’s unwise.)

    The worst nicknames I’ve gotten are Codfish, as in “C-O-D-oh, hey! Your name has Cod in it!” and Coca-Cola, which I still can’t explain.

  5. Aw, I’m sorry that people at work are frustrating. I hope they get better. 🙁

    As for nicknames: CAC, Clocker, and S-dub are probably the 3 funniest.

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