A few days ago (Tuesday), my mom scolded me at work for eating sweets because I was going to gain a lot of weight. One of the managers, L, overheard this exchange as she had been talking to my mom just seconds before but she hadn’t said anything about that. Today, I walked by an open office and L was inside doing paperwork. She looks up and sees me and calls me in. I personally thought that I was in trouble (I haven’t got called into anyone’s office before unless it was someone I had a meeting with or on my last day at work when everyone wants to say goodbye-and-good-luck-in-school to me) or something, so I was kind nervous. I had kinda a good grip on my papers, haha.

But instead, she smiles at me and says that while she thinks my mom’s a really wonderful person, she also thinks that my mom was rather harsh towards me about food. It was kind of odd having someone who isn’t family or a friend or Clay telling me to disregard what one of my parents says to me about my weight or about food intake or whatnot. Or just having someone else commenting on it because I think it’s the first time that my mom has talked about my eating habits to me but in front of other people, who aren’t family. It was an incredibly unexpected talk, but it did make me happier afterwards. Maybe because it was unexpected, or because it’s like further ‘proof’ that my parents are unreasonable. Either way, it was an incredibly nice gesture. And then she went on to say that she has noticed that the guys on the production floor flirting with me. My response? “Really? You don’t say!”

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  1. Wow, that was really kind of her; I am sure there are many other people out there who would have just not bothered. She must be a very nice person. 🙂

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