Hanging out with Clay was fun. He drove around a lot just for me though, I feel bad about that. But I had a great time last night. We had dinner while talking to his parents, his brother and his brother’s fiance (and later, his brother’s friend). Erm… I didn’t do a whole lot of talking. It may come to a surprise to some people, but I get incredibly shy/quiet around people who are new to me. So I didn’t do a whole lot of talking, instead I just ate, drank (iced tea, mmm!) and listened. We played video games later, he explained the concept of a game that he’d been playing lately and just hung out and had a good time. It’d been a while since I’d gotten the chance to just have some alone time with him, since he switched shifts, so I was really happy that we got to spend the time together. ♥♥♥

I woke up at sometime past 7am (but before 8am). And I totally thought that I was going to be able to stay up so I turned my alarm off. Stupid decision #1 for today. I had to be up, eaten breakfast and totally ready by 9am, when my friend C was going to pick me up. Umm… See, I woke up when my dad opened the room to my door and asked if I had plans to go anywhere today because I had a friend standing at the front door. Whoops…

So, half-asleep and not really making a great impression, I wander to the front door and inform C that I’ll be about 10 minutes. And then start the rushing. Change clothes, actually remember to put on socks (I forgot and had to go back to my room to get them), comb my hair, brush my teeth, grab money (for food) and filled my water bottle. I paused long enough to tell my parents that I was not going to be home for lunch and then they told me that they wanted me home for dinner.

I apologized (more than once…) to C for, erm, sleeping in. Heh, whoopsies? But we had an awesome time. We headed out and walked along the beach while we were trying to find a good seat for parade. We ducked into a coffee shop when we were first in search for food. And then this man walks into the (very crowded) store and sits down at an empty chair (it was ‘very crowded’ in terms of the line) and announced to the entire store that everyone looked like movie stars and that we should all spare a nickle to him. One of the people working there told him that he should leave. And then he went on about how he had nothing left to live for and that all of the people there had hundreds of nickles and could afford to give him some money. A woman offers him a quarter on the condition that he leaves and he takes it.

At that point, while coffee shop was giving us plenty of entertainment, it was rather crowded. So we took a short walk to a hot dog stand and both bought lunch there. There were also a lot of police blocking off a huge area. And it wasn’t for the parade – we later found out that they were blocking off the area because there was an unexploded firework and they needed to have an area of about 100 yards blocked off with police everywhere. We went on our merry way at that point to find someplace to sit and watch the parade. We did manage to find a fabulous spot that C spotted that was in the shade the entire time and we had loads of stuff being tossed at us from the people on the floats and the people in the parade that were dancing about. I’m so glad that I didn’t pull out my camera to take photos because a lot of people that were in parades had water guns and were spraying out into the crowds. I would have cried if my camera got water damage, so while I regret not getting some great photos, the water was just unpredictable. There were a few times that I got rained on and I had no clue where it was coming from. There was also this random parade spectator who had a large water gun and was spraying people that were in the parade, it was kind of odd though.

Overall, it was a wonderful time and I had a great time hanging out with C. Plus, I got some freebies as ‘loot’ from the parade, which was a nice little bonus.

Caity – Thanks for the link. I really want to try making that teasecake now! I think I’ll try blueberries instead (my freezer’s full of them right now).

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday! Did you do anything exciting and fun?

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  1. Oh man, this all sounds like so much fun! 😀 I’m glad that you got to spend some quality time with Clay and hang out with C — I wish I could have seen that parade, haha. ^^

    My Sunday was pretty typical; church with my family in the morning, brief relaxation in the afternoon, and then I had work in the evening. Work was boring, but I got to hang out with my best friend after, so it was a good day, haha. 😀

  2. I’m glad you had such a good time! That sounds like a cool parade! I am glad you enjoyed your time with Clay!! My Sunday was good – I sat around all day being lazy and then made cupcakes! It was awesome.

    You’re welcome for the recipe. Let me know if you make it!!

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