My family had excellent entertainment tonight as we watched our neighbour (whom doesn’t talk to us much after some little fiasco involving trees and the municipal government…) randomly spraying water at a tree. Or we thought it was random. Until we also noted that he was wearing a shirt all around his head except for his eyes and was holding onto a long pole and was poking at something. My dad later noticed (when he was outside) that my neighbour was spraying at a hanging wasp nest. At which point, he reminds my sister D and I that we should pipe up whenever we see a wasp nest around our house.

I’m the one who spotted the last 2 (one in a tree – which later got hacked to death – not the lovely silver birch was previously gracing my front yard that I was incredibly pissed off about; and the other that was in the wall of our shed – which turned out to also be infested by ants so the entire thing got dismantled and rebuilt and everything’s kosher now) wasp nests that we had on our property. And then my sister was like “Oh yeah, the other day I saw a few wasps hanging around the car port…”

My father was not impressed. Turns out that there is a wasp nest there (there’s a small hole). Which is now covered with duct tape as a temporary measure. Within 10 minutes, the ‘one or two’ that were hanging around the entrance turned into 10-20 wasps hanging around there. Ick. The problem is that the nest is in the roof of our carport. Which is, well over the width of a standard sedan and well over the length of a standard sedan and is probably about 1.5 feet at the highest point. And the roof? Also hollow. So the nest could be huge. So. Not. Cool.

And I’d love to say that I was able to get photos of the nest entrance or of the wasps, but I’m kind of a chicken that way and I’m not into getting stung by a wasp at all so I left well enough alone. Because, well, I’m sure the wasps would love to use me as a pin cushion… But I’m not into that.

But in other news… Today I made a cutesy little teddy hat for my dolls (there are photos over at Little Miss Sophie!), made cookies (no photos yet – chocolate cookies with white chocolate chunks… Mmm… Baked goods…), went to the bank to deposit my ‘omg, money that I haven’t taken into account for my budget that I suddenly feel the urge to spend but I won’t’ cheque and made tissue-paper dress patterns for doll dresses so I don’t have to continue to print out the same pattern every single time that I want to use them. They’re all currently pinned to the fabrics (that finished drying and I ironed them today) so I’ll be cutting them out, then fray checking everything… then waiting until tomorrow to sew (the bottle says to wait 24 hours, but forum people say that waiting overnight should be fine as well, just a lengthy amount of time). Whoot.

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  1. Wasps… allergy… agh! *flees*

    If you want to take pics of them, just drench yourself in gasoline, they’ll leave you alone then. Ignore the fact that you can’t, you know, open your eyes or mouth when you’re covered in gasoline. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Blythe still has no eyebrows! *points*

  2. Oh my gosh I hate wasps. My mom had one in her room the other day when I was talking to her on the phone and she flipped out. I totally flip out when I see them too. Ahhhhhh!!

    I’m going to go see the hat!!

  3. lol~ Wasps… There are no wasps in Taiwan, but there’s an over-abundance of mosquitoes.

    I remember killing wasp nests… But we used smoke to smoke them out first, then used a stick to beat it down. Wasps are so scary though; they don’t make honey either. Sad…

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