Workish and not so W.A.S.P.-free

Haven’t felt up for anything today… Went to work and lazed about (working, granted). I cleaned and entered data and cleaned some more and entered more data. My desk has never looked so clean. I’m going to take a photo tomorrow to remind myself that my desk can actually be clean. Huge contrast compared to […]

W.A.S.P.-free and summertime blues

Jenna – It’s just another Bob-bomb (photos of my first one are over at I didn’t see the point in taking photos of the new one as I used the same pattern (I wrote out what I did for the first one when I was doing it, just on a whim – good thing […]

Work-a-lot Bear* & Buzzy W.A.S.P. update**

Dane – I tend to just refer to them by their first names amongst my family, or go “so-and-so’s kids”. But I call them my second cousins, but they call me auntie. Which is kinda awkward since the oldest of the three is only 6 years younger than I am. Heather – I don’t have […]