New layout for August (a few days late, but ehhhh, at least it’s not an August layout in September?). Also, there’s a new header and colour scheme up over at Little Miss Sophie.

I spent a couple hours at volunteering today, which was fun. We did trivia questions. I knew none of the sports question, but the one that I did get (that no one else got) was “What is the name of a fish that has both lungs and gills?”. I learned about it in my vertebrate biology class last year (the answer: Lungfish!). Thank you, university, for teaching me something education and almost practical and useful! The rest of the time was pretty okay, just spent some time playing cards and serving cookies to people.

I did a bit more baking today (more cookies) and I started a thread crochet project that I’m currently cursing at (… because it’s thread crochet).  I didn’t get any sewing done today, which was rather disappointing as I had planned on doing it. But my parents decided to have company over (my uncle and aunt). My aunt spent the time during dinner gushing about how well behaved my sisters and I are compared to her grandchildren (who are spoiled hellions, to put it as politely as I can manage it).

The last time we went out for dinner with my aunt and uncle, my cousin and my cousin’s kids, they refused to eat something that *they* wanted to get off of the menu and my aunt (their grandmother) was about to fold and just let them order something else (even though no one wanted what had been previously ordered). So my sister intervened and told them that they would have to split the cost of that dish (it was like $5 from each of the three of them) that they had ordered in order to be allowed to get the second dish. They absolutely balked at the idea of having to “actually” pay for food (that they wanted and then changed their minds!) that they weren’t going to eat. So they opted for eating (the entire dish!) so they wouldn’t have to give up their “hard earned cash” (they don’t do chores and get allowance… and they complain about how difficult it is to be a kid these days, really?!).

And on the W.A.S.P. situation (mentioned yesterday)… Not a whole lot has changed. We’ve set out an empty pop bottle (the 2L variety) with a mixture of honey (smells sweet) with dish detergent and some water. There’s already a few wasps inside. They go in for the sweet smell, but end up getting trapped and dying… Yay for insecticide that’s somewhat non-chemical-filled and somewhat natural! So there’s a few wasps floating around because, well, they’re kinda dead… Don’t worry, we’ll make sure they’ll get a proper burial (a la garbage can – with the lid on the bottle).

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  1. The layouts are both super cute! I love them! I definitely thought “AUTUMN” when I came here but I also thought “beginning of school” which is appropriate. Well, I like it anyway. I saw the dolly blog layout earlier when I went to check out the bear hats. 😛

    I’m glad you had fun volunteering. I would have never known lungfish haha. I love hanging around old people. I volunteered in a nursing home when I was in girl scouts and it made me so happy. They always had the coolest stories to tell, too.

    Yay for cookies!

    Oh my goodness those kids sound so spoiled. Sounds like they usually get whatever they want and their mother decided to make a point in front of everyone by trying to make them pay. Eww.

  2. I wish I had the dedication to make a new layout each month! I’m lucky if I make a new one each year. This layout is particularly beautiful. 🙂

    Again I’m envious of you sewing and croteching abilities. Grrrr. Post photos of your new projects!!!

    Yay for random trivia and hmmmm cookies. o.O

  3. Ooh, I love the new layout. It’s pretty! I attempted to use a dandelion in my layout a few times but haven’t quite got it right. Hehe.

    That is a super awesome way of getting rid of the wasps, I must say. 😀 I would never have thought of that.

    I don’t think I remember anything from biology at school. Aw, no hope. 😛 I really like trivia but like you I’m not really a sports fan.

    I never got pocket money when I was younger. My parents didn’t make me pay for anything but they’re making me more aware of what I’m spending and that I shouldn’t be spending too much.

    Too bad, I just bought McDonalds for brunch. D:

  4. Curiously, what do you call your cousins’ kids? My siblings and I call them our nephews nieces, even though that’s technically not true. But it sure makes things easier.

    I love my nephews and nieces so much, but some of them really try my patience and love sometimes. One, in particularly, is obviously going to lose my love pretty soon. Her parents are idiots and they spoil her rotten while her sister, who was born sickly to begin with, gets very little from them. The spoiled one is already beginning to get snotty with people and I know it’s a matter of time before I have to slap her.

    Ah, wasps. We had a little one on the overhang of our porch a few months ago; it was extremely small, just one wasp. My mom smacked the wasp to death with a broom and then proceeded to destroy the nest. There was a similar one at work a month ago too.

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