Jenna – It’s just another Bob-bomb (photos of my first one are over at I didn’t see the point in taking photos of the new one as I used the same pattern (I wrote out what I did for the first one when I was doing it, just on a whim – good thing too, or else I’d have to recreate it from memory).

On the W.A.S.P. front, my dad went out and bought this wasp-foam stuff. Basically what he did was get some kind of screen (think bee-keeper attire) and wore thick clothes and went outside and cut a slit into the duct tape over the opening to the nest (in our carport roof) and sprayed 3 entire bottles into it. Why 3 bottles? Because we honestly have no clue how large the nest is (given the fact that it is inside of the carport roof and… we’re not dismantling it when there are live wasps inside? Yeah, smart choice!). There are still wasps hanging around outside of the entrance though. Hope this whole thing ends soon… Wasps give me a disgusting creepy crawly feeling on my arms (joining the rants of spiders and ants). … I essentially have issue with things that come in swarms and things with eight legs.

And… I’ve been feeling really tired lately, I’m not sure why. I’m impatiently waiting for mail from school and an online seller (not another doll! honest!). And there was just so much that I wanted to get done this summer and it’s already August and there’s only a little over 3 more weeks until I go back to school, but work’s been getting stressful since people know I’m going to be leaving in less than a month, so suddenly it’s time to pile on more work. And I tripped down the stairs at work today and twisted my ankle, so that hurts. And there’s just so much I wanted to do and I haven’t done most of it at all this summer. I mean, besides work, save money, spend a little money, go through the headache of registering for courses… There’s not a whole lot that I’ve done.

So, on that note, time to go and do something. There’s a fat quarter upstairs with my scissors’ names on it and I intend to cut it up a bit (then put fray check along the edges… let it dry for 24 hours… iron it… sew…). I’m getting a few dresses worth of fabric cut out before I break out the (old) sewing machine. Figured I may as well be remotely efficient…

Hope you all had a wonderful, stress-free Tuesday.

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  1. Yay for being wasp free!! 😀
    I’m sorry you’ve been feeling tired. I find when I am particularly stressed I am always tired. I hope you feel better soon and get some rest.

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