@ Georgina – That is so not cool. I wish we had that sort of system (there’s student loans, where the government gives you an amount and you have to use it towards school and such, but you do need to pay it back after, with interest).

I had a good day today. I skipped volunteering (well, I told them last week that I wasn’t showing up!) because my sisters and I had tickets to go see a play in the afternoon. We went out for brunch first with the family, it was to a new restaurant that was having its grand opening weekend. The food was great, they had some issues with servers not knowing the table numbers quite yet. But all in all, the restaurant itself was great. The downside was the other patrons. My sister got yelled at by an elderly woman who entered into the rest room a few seconds after her and my sister had taken the last available stall and had to listen to the woman the entire time going on about how children no longer respected the ‘old people who always need to have respect’ and whatnot… I was cracking up while she was telling us about it.

Anyways, my sisters and I had a great time out! We saw a Shakespeare play and it was really excellently done (A Comedy of Errors), there was some freebies there (small desserts, coffee – bleh, and gift cards to a coffee chain – I’d say bleh to that as well, but they offer baked goods!), which was a nice perk. The line it took just to get a small chocolate dessert was massive, my sisters lined up and I just walked around checking things out during intermission. The gift shop section, stuff like that. It was really fun and afterwards we just spent some time walking around and going window shopping.

I haven’t done a whole lot tonight, but I made excellent headway on my end-of-summer crochet project. I’m making crocheted cupcakes to give away to people on my last day of work. So far I have 5 “vanilla” and 5 “chocolate” cupcake bases and 1 chocolate-coloured “frosting” top. I only have 9 more to go. I’m going to do one in cream colour, a couple in pink, yellow, purple and blue. And then I’ll be stuffing them and finishing them all up. And getting an absurd amount of photos of them all, just because I can. I might even make an extra one to keep for myself (if I don’t get sick of making them?).

Hope your weekend has been excellent! I have 5 more work days!

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  1. yayy for the new restaurant! what does it serve though? lol at the elderly woman, i think she was just cranky, becos PMS is definitely not the reason obviously lol.

    it’s really cool that you get to go to a shakespeare play. i’ve never been to one but if there are cool freebies offered, i don’t think i would care less what play it is going to be 😛 yeah it’s sad, im that cheap T_T

    cupcakes! that’s a thoughtful idea you have there about wanting to give away cupcakes on your last day of work 🙂 when i make cupcakes i’ll always look forward to the fun part:- deco time! 😀

    have a good week ahead!

  2. Oh, crazy old ladies. How your insane antics amuse us. XD

    Whee, that sounds like so much fun! I adore going to the theatre and Shakespeare, so I’m envious. ;D All the freebies sound awesome, too! I delight in going to cafes, so all of those little prizes sound excellent to me. ^__^

    :O The cupcakes sound so adorable! And that’s really nice of you to make a parting gift for your coworkers. :]

  3. Cupcakes! They sound so cute :3

    I’ve been told off by old people before, but me being me I’ve ignored them. Old Chinese ladies don’t like me because I’m loud and a tomboy, thereby making me a bad Chinese. Hahahaha!

    I’m starting to miss the days when my brother and I used to hang out. We were best friends… our relationship has changed, though.

  4. With interest?! :O

    Aw, you had a little someone expecting a post from you! Strange though, maybe they were a little worried. My cutting scars have faded too. 🙂

    To me it seems that elderly people don’t really like the young. My friends and I had a school excursion and part of it was to the beach, even if we were just walking down the beach to observe, and not to swim. My friends walked in the sea without shoes but unfortunately a big wave came by and wet the bottoms of their skirts. Some of us were just walking around with no shoes on, and the teachers didn’t mind. Then these elderly ladies walked by and stared at the lot of us and shook their heads in… disgust.

    Actually, that was the time we went to see a Shakespearean play as well. 😛

    I can’t wait to see the crocheted cupcakes! :9 Om nom nom. I’m sure your workmates will love them! :3

  5. I’m so jealous of you! Yay for seeing a Shakespeare play! I am glad you had a good time!

    I’m sure that everyone will love your cupcakes. I totally would.

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