When it rains, it pours.

I’ve almost emailed the IT support at my school (due to their failings at keeping the servers running) as many times as I have my professors and TAs. I’m pretty sure that the emails to my professors and TAs does outweigh the number of emails to the tech support, but I’m not sure how long […]

Michelle, the chemistry student that… could?

I went shopping today (yay). K was nice enough to accompany me as I went to the bakery to place an order for a birthday cake and then to the store to get my gift to myself (and no, it wasn’t a birthday cake for myself!). And… just in case you haven’t noticed yet, there […]

For just one night

I just felt like showing off what my family’s been going on about since Thursday (that’s not related to death or travel plans… because that’s depressing. And I don’t need any help feeling down at the moment.)… The plant above is a Nightblooming cereus. It’s a type of cactus and my mom obtained it via […]