I just felt like showing off what my family’s been going on about since Thursday (that’s not related to death or travel plans… because that’s depressing. And I don’t need any help feeling down at the moment.)…


The plant above is a Nightblooming cereus. It’s a type of cactus and my mom obtained it via a cutting she took from one of her friends’ plants. It spends most of the year indoors, except for summer when it soaks up a lot of sun outdoors. It’s one of my favourite plants because once it starts having buds, they form very quickly (from just a hint of a bud to several inches long within 2-3 weeks). It only blooms at night and the flower is only around for one night. It’s incredibly fragrant and smells quite nice, there’s a lot of different variations of it (white petals, pink petals). The plant itself kind is green and yellow-green, the area around the flower itself is a really nice pink colour. My parents will make a huge deal about it every year because it only flowers one a year (and for only one night). So, needless to say, they had my uncle and aunt who live close by over on Thursday night, and some of my other relatives were watching the progress of the flower via the webcams.


This is how it looked at around 6am the next day (when I was about to leave the house for school on Friday). By the time I got home after volunteering, the flower had completely wilted. There were 3 flowers on the plant this year and all three were 9-11 inches in diameter. It’s a really gorgeous plant, and I’m not sure how easy it is to obtain it (via cutting or a whole pot). It seems to thrive fairly well in a pot (not as big as others I’ve seen online, but then again… it’s my mom’s plant and she needs to be able to actually move it from points A to B with something resembling ease).


  1. What is your favourite plant (flowering, non-flowering, doesn’t really matter)?
  2. How much gardening do you do, if any?
  3. What kind of camera do you use? (Somewhat random, I realize.)

My answers:

  1. Daisies! The ones with white petals and yellow centres. I also like some lilies and some types of roses.
  2. Not very much, I’m afraid. I have some seeds that still need to be planted, but I’m waiting for it to be right after winter first.
  3. Sony Cybershot W150 (have been looking into a DSLR though… again)

6 Responses

  1. What is your favorite plant (flowering, non-flowering, doesn’t really matter)?
    I like my strawberries quite a bit

    How much gardening do you do, if any?
    …Lots but a little each day mostly just watering during school days

    What kind of camera do you use? (Somewhat random, I realize.)
    Canon Power Shot A10 (3.0 mp LOL)

  2. ahhh cool flower
    i have a fujifilm z20fd
    and its not those ugly ass colors like it shows when you check it out through the flickr stats. its white with pink polka dots. and me loves it lol

  3. Whoa that flower is AMAZING. I’ve never heard of it or seen anything like it. I’m absolutely in awe. Whoa.

    1. I don’t really have a favorite flower.
    2. None, I’m afraid.
    3. Canon Digital Rebel XSi.

  4. Oh my, that flower is beautiful! I don’t like flowers very much but this one is so nice! I told my mom I’d buy her one and I explained it to her, and she said not to because it would be a waste of money since it just blooms once and at night and we’d miss it. Huh.

    1. I honestly hate flowers, but my favorite would have to be orchids. So pretty <3

    2. None. When we first moved into our house, I helped do some yardwork but once it was mostly sorted out I blatantly refused to step outdoors.

    3. I don't… but I have a 35mm Canon. (I think.)

  5. That is really beautiful! Shame it wasn’t for longer. It reminds me of this other plant I saw in a movie (don’t recall the plant’s name) but it blooms only one in its life… 🙂

    It doesn’t look too bad when its wilted though!

    What is your favourite plant (flowering, non-flowering, doesn’t really matter)?
    Like you I like daisies; I haven’t come across many though. I like roses as well.

    How much gardening do you do, if any?
    Not much. We have a lot of flowers in the garden though! 😛

    What kind of camera do you use? (Somewhat random, I realize.)
    It’s a Kodak C653 I think… looking at the camera itself.

  6. So pretty~! Too bad they don’t last long… I only made it in time last year to see my mom’s pink one bloom – but I think the gold ones look a lot more glamourous…

    My favourite still has to be the lotus~ Our school has a pond with them! When they bloomed it looked so grand~

    Gardening… I have pots of green stuff? My papaya just died recently of unknown reasons though…

    Camera~ Cybershot xxxx. It’s the pink one and not the sleek/slim version.

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