I’ve almost emailed the IT support at my school (due to their failings at keeping the servers running) as many times as I have my professors and TAs. I’m pretty sure that the emails to my professors and TAs does outweigh the number of emails to the tech support, but I’m not sure how long that will last. In other words – today has sucked when it comes to attempting to access anything on my school’s servers. Why? Because I try to log in, it takes about 5-8 minutes for me to get to the log in page, then another 5 minutes for the page to load to this great screen that says “Your session has timed out. Log in again.” Terribly not impressed. All I wanted today was to get the slides from my biology lecture today because Dr. B decides that ‘we can just read those slides on our own time’ and zooms right past about 5-7 of them… So not impressed right now. Does not help that I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed and just overall kind of upset and lonely. I just wish there was more time. It’s already week 4 of the semester (there’s 12-13 weeks/semester) and we just finished review for my organic chemistry class. Not to mention that there are midterms coming up, along with a project being due, and two papers that I’ve just started doing research on. And I just feel like I’m floundering… Like a fish on dry land. </school rant>

Oh, I’ve also discovered that I can’t seem to print my slides properly (hah). Or rather, I managed to print out one set correctly (because well, turns out my biology prof skips a lot of slides!) and then the school server decided it wanted to quit working, so I couldn’t access the rest of the notes (note to self: once it’s back up, save all the PDFs and then print off my own computer). </… more school rant>

I so need something else besides school to talk about, I’m starting to be depressed by all of this. Oh! So has anyone been watching Dancing with the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance Canada? My sisters watch both shows, so often I can hear the music downstairs, even though the television is upstairs, and some of the dancers are pretty good! Not so much in some of the celebrities (although some are them are pretty light on their feet), but overall it’s fairly entertaining. I haven’t been keeping up too much on television lately. The only show I watch on a daily basis is General Hospital and I already fast forward through a large portion of it (it’s an hour long show, if you cut out commericals, it’s a little bit over half an hour and if I fast forward through the people/story lines that I don’t like, I can be done an episode in about 15-20 minutes). Then there’s Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice (which starts up this week) and Dollhouse. So little television this year… Good thing too, classes are kicking my butt and I’m only taking four this term!

I really miss the summer (May-August for me). I miss Clay. I miss my friends (that I don’t see very often now). I miss work and the people there. I miss  only having to be mentally engaged in something for a set number of hours and not bringing work home (readings, assignments, review… sucky) and getting to do anything I want in the evenings (i.e. watch tv, or movies, or craft or read a good smutty romance novel) instead of getting home, reading for one course, eating dinner, then doing an assignment for another course. Then there’s a bunch of family-related stuff going on (uncle’s death, funeral arrangements, so many international calls at all hours of the day, birthdays, my other uncle [and aunt] are moving and want help in moving things from their old house to their new one). I just miss the whole relaxed feeling that I had over the summer, when I really wasn’t worrying (too much, anyways) about any one thing in particular. Now I’m worry about multiple things all at once and I just want to breathe.

And… just to top it all off… It rained today. A lot. I was at school from 8am to nearly noon (1 class plus loads of review for my plant biology class – midterm next week, meep!) and I was in a building that has relatively decent insulation and I wasn’t that close to the window so the only time I hear anything from outside of the building is the horn from a car. And all of a sudden I heard this big whooshing sound, followed by something that sounded like a crash. So I looked in the direction of the window and everything was just super blurry and it was raining so hard. It had been raining the entire day but it wasn’t quite as bad. Because, really, when your jacket soaks through twice in one day, it’s not the makings for a really awesome day. But… on the bright  side, I got a lot of review done for one of my classes today.


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  1. Ugh, what terrible weather. Reminds me of when it started raining halfway to work, and when I got off the train it was pouring. I had a jacket made out of that weird waterproofy material but it had been kind of ruined when I got home. :S

    I’m sorry you miss everyone and have so much going on. *hugs* Sometimes things just happen unexpectedly and you feel a bit stuffed. Hopefully the days become clearer and things tie themselves up. 🙂

    I don’t watch those dance shows, and when they’re on in Australia I barely watch them. I might watch during dinner or something. I am usually pretty impressed by the dancers though. Being a dancer myself, I guess it makes me kind of miss it!

    Television commercials always bug me. When my tapes/records something, he cuts out the breaks so we can pretty much watch it in peace. So much effort. :O

    I hope the school server stops acting up. I felt like that when my internet was slow – all I wanted was the slides too. XD

  2. I hate the rain. It’s too cold =( .

    It’s okay I have to bug our tech support all the time. And Moodle where I have to upload my animation stuff doesn’t work 98% of the time I need it to >_>. It likes to crash for like 4 or 5 hours.

    I MISS YOU GUYS TOO =( ! I take the bus that goes to your university to go to my school but, I’ve never seen you =( . Probably because I have school at dumb times.

    It sucks that when you go back to school everything happens at once.

  3. Unique write-up you’ve here. I did a write up personally on this issue some time ago, and I wish I had your written piece as a power source back then. Oh well. Thanks again for this article.

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