Three. More. Work. Days.

A public service announcement: Kristi got her site back up! Go visit!

Ahhh, work’s been interesting lately. Monday was kinda workish, today wasn’t any better. I’ve been keeping busy though. Plus I discovered where they keep the hot chocolate packets (powdered) in the little kitchen at work! I’ve been taking advantage of that and I’ve had a cup of hot chocolate in the morning for both days so far. Seriously: best thing ever. I forgot how much I missed hot chocolate until I had the first cup yesterday morning. So I had one today, hoping that it wasn’t a fluke in how much I missed it, and it wasn’t a fluke. Excellent, eh? I just love the smell of it in the morning and it’s easier to make at work than tea (because I take my tea with honey rather than sugar and they only have sugar and I don’t feel like bringing in honey so it just doesn’t taste the same). So seriously, I’m suggesting that everyone go and have a cup of hot chocolate. Right now. (… Unless you can’t have sweets or chocolate, in which case, please don’t!)

But, like I’ve said, I have 3 more work days. Which should be pretty good! My “End of Summer” lunch out with coworkers and my boss(es) is on Thursday instead of my actual last day (Friday), but it should be fun! I’m looking forward to it, it’s going to be at a restaurant that I’ve been to before (erm, it’s a restaurant chain, but I’ve been to one of them before and it has excellent food).

Everything else has been going well so far. For my parting gifts for my coworkers, I have a dozen cupcake ‘bottoms’ and 10 (TEN!!!!) cupcake ‘tops’ so far! Yay! I’ll be finishing the last 2 tomorrow night and hopefully get started on sewing everything up and stuffing them all so I actually have them done by Friday (which will be awesome).

Oh, someone on Facebook contacted me regarding a textbook that I’m selling (for $85 – I bought it new at $129 last year and had to buy it brand new as it was the first time that it was being used) and asked me if I would please sell it to them for $65 (!!!?!) since they were “hoping to find the book at a good price”. I replied that I was not willing to drop the price to $65 for them (because like dude, seriously, I could get $65 from the bookstore’s buyback!) as it was in excellent condition (first owner, no highlighting, not so much as a folded page corner!). Then they reply back asking me what the lowest price I was willing to sell it at was. My reply? $85. Now, if they had first messaged me asking if I was willing to sell for $80, I probably would have accepted the offer. A $5 reduction isn’t much to ask for and most sellers will accept it in order to get rid of their books, but a $20 reduction? On a book that I should have priced at $100? (I couldn’t do that because everyone else and their freaking mother is selling it at around $85-90. Stupid people.)

@ Dayze – It was a Chinese restaurant and while I love freebies too, I did have to pay for my ticket to go see the play (and half of one of my sister’s ticket as it was her birthday gift).

I hope your Monday and Tuesday both went well and that your Wednesday is even better.

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  1. Ugh, some of the people who buy used textbooks are stupid. Like I do too, but generally from the bookstore.
    The guy I sold my accounting textbook to was worse than your idiot. People were selling it online for $50-60 and there was one person selling it for $45. So I thought, hey you’re a nice guy (i already knew him through classes) so what the hell, I’ll sell it for $45. I wasn’t intending on selling it before he mentioned it anyway (I didn’t know it was still being used).
    When we met up yesterday we went for japadog and after we had exchanged the book he told me that he’s selling it someone else for $60 and photocopying the parts he needs.
    ASSHOLE. He’s blocked and deleted.

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