Today was my first lecture for my other biology class for this term. And at first I wasn’t sure what to think of it, because it’s a biology class, at 8am (again! gah!) that has a mandatory tutorial that is worth a whole quarter of my mark (25% tutorial, 25% midterm, 50% final – but it could be worse, I’ve had a course before that had a 65% final). But my professor for that class is so enthusiastic about the subject, it was kind of hard to be skeptical for a very long time. He made the first class very fun. I know it was just an introductory class, but because it’s over an hour, we actually got started (sort of) on the course content. It’s going to involve a lot of in-class discussion, we go to meet the TA for the class who seemed super nice (seemed shy though) who will be running the tutorials. So overall, it was an excellent first impression and I’m actually looking forward to my next lecture in that class (not until Tuesday! Boo.)

So now all my ‘first lectures’ for my classes are done. I thought it went very well. I bought a lab manual (it’s huge) that has a bright green cover. I was actually quite happy to see it because it’s a fabulous bright green cover that I’m actually quite happy about. I’m quite pleased at the fact that one of the classes I was a little apprehensive about (the biology class from today) is one that I’m actually looking forward to the next lecture for!

I ended up hanging out with my friend K today, I hadn’t seen her in ages! I had lunch at her house and we hung out for a bit before going to the mall. I got new knee socks (photos later) and I’m rather smitten by the designs on them… There’s music notes with headphones on a pair of them. Fun day overall!

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  1. Haha last time I tried running a site with someone I knew online, it totally died. 😛 I think this will be domain #11 – close enough!

    Ooh I want to see those funky socks! That reminds me of these opaque stockings/tights that I bought, which have little music notes all over. I had to buy more pairs so I got a stripy pair and a pair with skulls and a pair with dogs. 😀

    I love the look of those crocheted cupcakes! Just noticed them on your Flickr stream. 🙂

    I’ve never had anything worth so much as 65%. I recently handed in an assignment that was worth 30%. I am getting used to handing in things that are worth a lot, because I don’t get that many assignments in a subject. I have an essay this semester due 50% – it’s the highest weighting I’ve encountered yet. D:

  2. One of the classes I was dreading was like that too. I have a great enthusastic prof and a good TA so I think I’ll actually enjoy the class more than I would have otherwise

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