Sunday, Sunday, where did you go, Sunday?

Written on September 13, 2009 at 8:58 pm
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This is how I spent my Sunday…

  • Woke up to really odd texts from my friend K, who’s phone likes to spontaneously text people that texts aren’t addressed to.
  • Took a photo at around 6am – I decided on Friday since I’m going to be up so disgustingly early, I may as well take photos! It’s my Flickr project, but I’m not going to be nutty and do it every day… I missed Saturday due to the fact that I was too lazy.
  • Baking (sort of – made bread today! We have a bread machine, but the thing that ‘turns’ the dough doesn’t work anymore, so it involves actual kneading and just baking in the bread machine.)
  • Went out for lunch with the family (best thing that we ordered: chicken, potatoes, onions and bell peppers in coconut curry. Yum!)
  • Readings (organic chemistry review, infant psychology text and my plant biology text)
  • Tutorial problems for organic chemistry (I don’t believe it’s for marks, I hate the program though – it causes Firefox to crash every few questions)
  • Wrote an article for on how to find free knit and crochet patterns
  • Read more organic chemistry from the textbook
  • Found someone to buy a cell biology textbook from, yay! Because buying the 3rd edition at $170+tax when I could get the 2nd edition for $50 and my prof includes chapters/page numbers for both editions is stupid. Especially since I’d probably only be able to sell the 3rd edition for like $130~ next year anyways, if I was selling it to another student ($85 to buyback at the school bookstore – rip off much?)
  • I caught up on: returning comments (for the most part, I think?), emails (who knew neglecting it for a day would result in so much?), my roleplaying game stuff.
  • Started to think about my infant psychology term paper (the abstract isn’t due until the end of October, my paper isn’t due until November 30) as I don’t want to actually be working on its entirety in November (when I have so much going on then in all my other classes)

I think I was fairly productive, don’t you? At least for the baking, the lunching, the reading and the writing. And it’s not even the second week of classes yet! Hopefully I can keep this up throughout the entire term (or attempt to, at least). Tomorrow I’ve got 3 classes, and I’m also selling my psychology book tomorrow (yay!). Unfortunately, I paid close to $130 for it and I’m selling it at $85 because some douchebag on the book selling group on Facebook marked his copy of the exact same text (same edition) for $50. And suddenly everyone else started pricing their psychology books at lower prices. Oh well, $85 is better than nothing, right?


  1. How did you spend your Sunday?
  2. What did you do that was productive?
  3. What is one thing that you’ve learned about yourself recently?

My answers:

  1. *points up*
  2. Studied, studied, studied.
  3. I get stressed out easily over things that haven’t even occurred yet (wait a moment, this isn’t new!).

3 Responses to “Sunday, Sunday, where did you go, Sunday?”

  1. nichole says:

    oh good lord book politics
    my advice
    buy online. ebay/half/amazon (maybe even craigslist)
    sell online /or someone who might need if you know/someone u know knows (lol)
    and never do book buy backs at schools. ugh lol

  2. Dane says:

    1. I went out on a date with Royce for our four months together :3
    2. Um… nothing ^^;;
    3. It turns out I love buttermilk pancakes that are shot up with espresso and are filled with chocolate chips 😀

  3. Jenna says:

    Eeeew textbooks BLEH

    Oohhhhh PHOTOS!!!

    1. How did you spend your Sunday?
    Making notes, making flash cards, doing readings, doing homework and gardening!
    2. What did you do that was productive?
    Read #1
    3. What is one thing that you’ve learned about yourself recently?
    I really *hate* 90% of the chairs at Emily Carr, and that I’m going to have no life this semester.

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