Some things that I have realized in the last 24 hours:

Anyways… School was fun today (since I only had one class, minus the whole stomach growling and yelling at me for not ingesting food…), my prof was so hilarious… up until the point that he revealed that he was going to finish the only set of lecture notes that was up last night and that there was a whole new set and no one had it because he didn’t put it up online until 3am today for an 8am class. Not cool. Other than that, it went well. I saw S (girl who ingested way too much caffeine to be sane) and she was fine and looked incredibly sleepy (apparently her parents have banned her from any caffeinated drinks, which means her reloadable gift card for a certain coffee place that’s at like every single street corner got taken away). Halfway through the class while my prof was on another tangent, she fell asleep. Go figure.

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  1. LOL, poor S! At least her parents have put a stop to it. 😛

    I have become the worst procrastinator lately. Just been cruising and leaving things. My due dates are far and there isn’t much I can do now, but what I can do, I’m putting off. -_-

    I skip breakfast sometimes during the week but when I hop to uni I’m sure to buy something. I can usually live without breakfast but I must have a snack or some lunch. 🙂

    What annoys me is that sometimes I feel quite sick in the mornings if I move around too much.

  2. Well, that’s what she deserves for abusing caffeine pills. Idiot. My mom freaks out whenever I have Starbucks mocha, but I don’t have it every day, which is good 😛

    Ha, who even USES that method anymore? I know a guy who always jokes about the calendar method. He has two kids so he’s like, “Yeah, that worked GREAT, TWICE.”

    I am a master of procrastination. Let’s start a club.

    I used to not eat breakfast before class. I just didn’t have time. So it really affected me, and my class was so early I had coffee almost every day. Now that my classes are a bit later, I can actually have a meal before I leave, so it’s been getting better.

  3. thanks!
    yeah I guess the people I talked before had some bad experiences, but since I wrote that post I got some other good comments and tips as well 🙂 thanks!
    yeah not eating until getting home is not good, I have good practice! I used to do that a lot but lately I get headaches during my lectures, which is not good so I really have to have something or I’ll be moody all day
    I know what you mean, some talks you don’t expect from your teen cousin makes you realize they are growing too fast

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