At school today, I found Waldo sitting with Cleopatra, a rather short looking Jack Sparrow and a random vampire. None of my profs dressed up (I had profs dress up last year, and give out candy – no one was that interested in doing so today). However, classes went well today. Still waiting on the results for one of my midterms (Tuesday!) and then after that, only 2 more midterms, 2 more projects, 2 papers, 1 lab final and 4 final exams. Yeah… I don’t know, the term’s only been a handful of weeks but it’s just felt like it’s been so long. I mean, I only took a midterm last week, but it has felt like it’s been forever ago. I don’t know, it’s weird. Time, not flying at all.

In other news… One of my coworkers has not forgotten about me (they always claim to whenever I pop up again at work). He inherited a tub of gummy candy from another coworker who moved (from Building A to Building B) and he told my mom that “since Michelle always had like a handful whenever I saw her” that I should have the candy. Mmm, artificial colours and flavours, delicious! And then today he sent cookies to me via my mom. So eating handfuls of candy (not on a daily basis, mind you) a few months ago means that I get a tub of candy… Works out well, I think!

The weather has been crap today. The rain wasn’t that bad when I left volunteering today, but I just got to the sidewalk when I saw the bus zooming by and it was going to be about another 30 minutes before the next bus showed up, so I figured that I would walk home instead. 10 minutes later, it was pissing rain. I anticipated the weather being horrible, so I wore a lot of layers (regular shoes though – don’t know what I was thinking, a tee, a hoodie, a jacket, knee socks, jeans). Oh, guess what was completely soaked through by the time I got home? My jacket, my hoodie, my shoes and my jeans, at least up to mid-thigh. Not cool, not cool at all. Oh, and about 5 minutes after I got home? Rain stopped.

And it’s Halloween tomorrow… My names? Working on a biology paper, studying, organic chemistry problems, shopping. Yay… Such is the life of someone who has no… life?

How has your Thursday and Friday been?

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  1. How does your jacket soak *through*? I’ve stood in pouring rain in my jacket and my jacket has never actually soaked right through O_O

  2. Youre getting close.. you can doo eeett Meechelle!!

    Yay for candy and cookies. I want to be spoiled like that, haha. When I was in college, I dont remember seeing anyone dressing up :/ especially the professors.

    Its been raining about 4 days out of every week for the past month. Its absolutely ridiculous. The river I cross to go into town is very, very high. If it keeps this up, it’ll flood. I’m surprised the Batesville river hasn’t flooded.. last year they had to shut the road down, which is a major road into Batesville, for all the rain.

    Have fun today -_- my Thursday was good, got hired! Today was pretty bland. Not good, not bad.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Eeek, what sucky weather, only to stop after you got inside. Grr. It has been rather warm here. 😀

    That’s so cool that your profs dressed up last year. I sort of wish Halloween was celebrated more here.

    Hurrah, candy! 😀 Good for your happiness every once in a while (not health, obviously :P).

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