Why do I know people like this?
I’m officially friends with the biggest idiot that I have ever met. Officially. Now, I was friends with her before, but I never realized how little things clicked together in her head. Why is she an idiot? (And no, it is not the person who landed herself in the hospital for overdosing on caffeine!) Because her favourite method of contraception is using Plan B. Which costs between $30-40 per dose, depending on the pharmacy. Plus her boyfriend has only paid for it once. And she’s used it 15 times (she’d previously said 17, then clarified it with the BF and gave me a call so I wouldn’t think that she was stupid or anything). I mean, really? She’s a biology major and has taken a human anatomy and physiology class and so she knows things about half-lives and drug absorption and the effects of high dose hormonal drugs on the body. And she thinks that Plan B is a lot “healthier” than going on the Pill. It was laughable. Really, it was.

And also like this…
Also, in the running to be one of the most hilariously silly people that I have ever had the pleasure (displeasure?) of knowing… The girl who did consume way too much caffeine? She saw me today and started asking if she could take a “look-see” at my biology term paper (due on Wednesday) because she has the exact same topic and wasn’t sure how she should go about writing the paper. Erm… Yeah. No thanks. I politely informed her that I’d have to decline on the idea that I didn’t feel like screwing myself over academically. Honestly! She then decided to tell me that I was being “selfish”. Like that was going to make to me really want to let her read my paper (read = copy). No, thank you!

This is how you know that you’re not feeling well…
You walk into your house. Lock the door. Toss your backpack down and your jacket. And then you promptly decide to fall onto the couch and curl up in the fetal position and fall asleep while watching television. Yeah, it was a great moment. I’m not feeling well… How could I describe the ways? However, I checked out my symptoms with the H1N1 symptoms. No fever, just not feeling well. Pretty sure it’s one of those 24-hour bugs. But still not feeling 100%. Feeling a lot better though, right now. Currently sitting in my living room with organic chemistry problems and a cup of tea and my laptop. Mmm, tea.

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  1. …Take a look at your paper?! Ummm no? It would be different it asked about your ideas for inspiration but ummm just no.

  2. There are things called CONDOMS if she doesn’t want to use the pill. I mean seriously…
    Though I do know some people who simply can’t handle the hormones in birth control. My dad likes to say that my mom went completely psychotic when she was on it. For the first three months I was on it, I was very sensitive (i.e. I would see a Hallmark advertisement and burst into tears), but I’ve evened out. [I doubt she is one of these people, but it exists.]

    Also, I love people who ask to copy my homework or essays. [/sarcasm] I wonder how people like that are going to survive in the job force someday.

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