The end of something, the start of something

The past week or so has been a bit of a whirlwind. I got sick, for starters. Don’t ask me how. How does one come down with a cold in the summer? It defies logic (even though, the biology student side of me is chiding me for thinking that a ‘cold’ has anything to do […]

Masquerading as a pharmacy

My purse (lovely thing that is) looks like a walking (but not talking) pharmacy. And I don’t mean that in an illegal sense. Of the medication/pharmaceutical variety items in my purse today: Advil Cold & Sinus – took 2 so far today Generic ibuprofen – took 0 today Cepacol (cough drops – honey lemon) – […]

I am a sick, sick individual.

One of the schools that I applied to for their nursing program sent me a letter with this quote which made me freak out a little: This letter is a final notice that important communication(s) about your application, registration or grades is waiting for you at [URL], the website for [insert school name here]. Guess […]