I read the novel Frindle by Andrew Clements when I was 8 years old. It was a chapter book recommended to me by my teacher that year because I had exhausted the collection of books in the classroom. It’s a really fun book, of those who have never heard of it. It’s about the story of a boy who has an English teacher that isn’t very nice and so he makes up a new word (frindle) for the word pen as the teacher had explained to the boy (Nicholas) that the reason why words mean the things that they mean. So he makes up a new word and it catches on with his peers. I remembered this book when I was reading the news this morning and I came across this news article online that talks about the ‘word of the year’ for 2009 by the New Oxford American dictionary: unfriend. Nice to know that unfriending people on Facebook and Twitter has become that popular that it’s become the word of the year. Other words that were in consideration included “netbook” (as in, I really wish I had a netbook so I wasn’t carrying around a ~7lbs 15.4″ laptop around) and “sexting” (as in, something that you shouldn’t do while you’re still a minor).

Original article that I found was from CBC.com (“Unfriend is New Oxford American Dictionary’s 2009 word of the year“).

Today’s been a fairly decent day. Of course this morning started off at a rocky start. I woke up a bit late, but had enough time to have breakfast. At which point I managed to burn my finger, spill tea into and down my shirt and tripped out the front door as I was leaving to go to the bus stop. Oh, let’s see… Also tripped on my way off of the bus, and up the escalator and then off of the escalator and then at school (going into the building). And I also managed to trip getting onto the bus on my way home (however, that time, I was actually running because I checked the time and it was a minute before the bus was schedule to leave) and managed to fall asleep on the bus going home and ended up missing my stop (by one stop, and walked the longer distance home). The ‘decent’ part was where I did realize that my shirt was slightly see-through, before more people were in my lecture hall and that I managed to avoid stepping in the five hundred and three puddles that were between the bus loop and the building where my biology building is.

I’m trying my best to be absolutely positive and cheerful today. Is it working yet?

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