Because all things in life require a score card to make myself feel better:

Michelle > Cell biology (in class essay) (confirmed)
Michelle < O-chem #1 (confirmed)
Michelle > Plant bio #1 (confirmed)
Michelle > Plant bio lab  (confirmed)
Michelle > Infant psychology (confirmed)
Michelle > Cell biology (confirmed)
Michelle > Plant bio #2 (confirmed)
Michelle > O-chem #2 (confirmed)

Michelle 7; School: 1

My second organic chemistry midterm (which I have bitched and complained about here) sucked, to be fairly honest. However, I got this email from one of the chemistry profs for the class that I’m taking. My school has a system set up where if you think you have H1N1 symptoms, you can self-declare your absence so you don’t have to show up on campus and spread around your disgusting germs. That being said, the email stated that the number of self-declared H1N1 symptom-ridden students for my organic chemistry midterm was more than expected “based on recent section attendance and overall infection rates in the general population”. Oh idiots, taking advantage of the honour system.

Anyways, life’s been smoothly sailing along. Biology’s (x2) have been going well, just had another test today (non-midterm, thank goodness). O-chem well… It’s going stickily smooth, given the fact that I did past the second midterm (yay!) and ended up getting above the class average (yay!), but it wasn’t my greatest mark ever (but it wasn’t my lowest ever – that is reserved for calculus), but it was okay, in the end. I mean, everything works out in the end. Or something optimistic like that.

Also, witnessed a dunk tank at school today. It’s freezing outside and there was a guy in boxers sitting on a ledge catcalling at passersby asking for people to take a shot at him. It was a group at school that’s raising money for a local charity. By having people dunk a poor kid in the middle of November in a tank of cold, freezing water. Yeah, that’s one way of putting your best foot forward for a good cause. I donated what change I had in my pocket for it (I believe they said it was for building schools somewhere, or wells), but I didn’t try to dunk the kid. Saw him getting dunked twice while I was going by the area. I was rather confused with the fact that there was a dunk tank in the middle of November… But if it’s what gets them a lot of donations, more power to them.

I hope everyone’s Wednesday has gone well.

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  1. i am so glad that your school is going good. 🙂
    I cannot believe they were doing a dunk tank this time of year i mean wow. its kinda cool where i am, but i bet where you are its cooler! i’m glad you just donated and didnt try to dunk him 🙂

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