The lyrics came from the song Fact Fiction by Hans Langer (Youtube link!).

And, Heather, they were crocheted preemie hats, but I don’t think the babies care if they were crocheted or knit, to be perfectly honest. 😉

Anyways… It rained today. And rained and rained and rained and rained and rained and rained today. It rained on and off, but it was mostly on. Which really sucked. Because I left my house this morning, it was raining. Between buses and trains, it was raining. Between classes and between buildings, it was raining. Walking home from the bus stop? Raining. Good thing I don’t have anything against water, but how much can it honestly rain? You would think that the clouds would eventually run out of water or something. But have spent my time at home working a biology project (due Friday, whoot) and continuing some work on my psychology paper, yay, but the newspaper came, so I decided to flip through the fliers.

I saw what I thought was something rather hilarious. Do you remember ever making paper bag puppets when you were younger? Like taking a regular brown paper bag and painting it or adding glitter or stickers or googly eyes? I remember making those when I was younger, in school and at home. I loved crafts when I was younger, still do (perhaps with a little less googly eyes though), and I think all children should be encouraged to play and to be creative. And I came across this product in the flier, Little Hands Paper Bag Puppets, which includes a glue stick, 5 paper bags, stickers and punch out pieces for the awesome price of $12.99 CAD. Really? $13 + tax for a completely premade kit for paper bag puppets? Because I’m pretty sure you could get a package of 50-100 paper bags, a glue stick (or two), loads of stickers and a pad of construction paper for under $10. And make a lot more than 5 paper bag puppets, and probably prettier ones as well.

Anyways… I’ve got questions for everyone today, all related to your winter holiday of choice.

So here are my winter holiday-ish questions for you all today:

  1. What is your favourite happy winter-time song?
  2. What’s your favourite type of cookie to eat or bake during the winter holidays?
  3. What is one holiday tradition that you think is unique (or mostly unique) to your family?
  4. Are there any charitable things that you regularly do or plan on doing during the holiday season?

My answers:

  1. Jingle Bells
  2. Shortbread and sugar cookies (for both baking and eating)
  3. Umm… The parents are absolutely civil and awesome to each other for the couple of days leading up to Christmas, and then argue it out from Christmas morning to dinner time and we all open presents in silence and pose with fake smiles for the camera with our new gifts.
  4. Well, so far I’ve donated preemie hats to the hospital. I also plan on buying a board game and donating it to a local charity who puts together gifts for children from families that can’t afford to spend the money on gifts.

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  1. 1. Winter Wonderland

    2. German Gingerbread

    3. We always make small edible christmas wreaths with cornflakes, marshmallows, butter, and red hots. We make hundreds of them and send tubs filled with them to each family. They are absolutely delicious and those who think they sound disgusting tend to eat so many they feel sick because it becomes a sweet addiction for them!!

    4. We participate in “Project Christmas Child”. We fill shoe boxes we wrapped with colorful Christmas paper with gifts and they are sent to children around the world who may not be having a Christmas this year.

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