I’ve been at school (in the student study centre) for the last couple of hours (since 8:30am). Since I’ve arrived, I have:

So far things have been fairly productive. Getting my organic chem problems done (good thing too, they’re due tomorrow at 11:59pm), getting some studying going. After completing my online review assignment, I realized that I haven’t forgotten as much organic chem as I thought that I had – yay!

About to eat lunch, due to the fact that my friend decided to do a lunch run (I watch her uber-expensive computer and I don’t need to get up to get lunch for myself – good deal!). Which is good, when I’m attempting to do my practice problems in hopes that I’m going to retain this information for my final. And my other friend who just arrived watched my computer (and the first person’s computer) while I just ran to the washroom to spit out blood.

Hello, random bleeding. This is probably TMI – but what on earth is the matter with me? I can’t see any cuts or anything (and I certainly didn’t bite my tongue or the inside of my cheek). Instead, I just spat out a few mouthfuls of blood-saliva. Bleh. I would make a shitty vampire. No idea why it started, no idea why it stopped – but I’m very glad that it did. I got a little frightened with it, since it looks like a lot of blood and it tastes like blood, yum? No clue why it started, but yeah… Whoot, random bleeding.

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  1. Ahmygawd. So, I TOUCHED BLOOD FOR NO REASON? AND I HAD A OPTION NOT TO DO IT? FFS. If someone had told me AT THAT TIME, it would have been so much better haha. Fuck my life. Ah well, at least I know this information for the next time, (if there is one) that I have to dissect something.

    I wish I was as productive as you haha. Usually my accomplishments after school hours would be “sleep, eat, sleep some more.. and on some occasions go over to a friends house for either a school related project or just for fun”. bleh.

    Best of luck getting those remaining 2 problems done. 😛

    OMG, that’s scary about the bleeding. I hope it stops. D:

  2. Mmm round/half round tables are le awesome. If I were you, I would not have shared, either. Bwhaha. Great deal with getting food brought to you by simply babysitting!

    Had you eaten or brushed your teeeth when you spat out blood? Its possible one of the two cut your gums but in such a way so that you didn’t feel and can’t see anything.. has happened to me a few times.

    I think I’m opposite of you. I love blood. TMI but if I cut my hand or something, I’ll lick the blood off. I like the taste and I think it’s pretty. Now, I don’t go around doing it just to taste blood.. nono, that’s not how I roll.

  3. @Kristi: Turns out it was a *very* tiny sliver of peanut from the chunky peanut butter that was in my sandwich for breakfast yesterday morning. It didn’t hurt *at all*. It just bled like crazy and made me absolutely panic from all the blood that was coming out.

    I don’t mind the taste of blood, but I do mind it when there’s so much of it in my mouth.

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