Volunteering went fabulous this morning. Yes, you read that right: in the morning. I was there from 9am to 11:30am. I helped set up for a new activity (balloon volleyball – everyone gets half a pool noodle for hitting balloons with and to try to get it over the net – there were like 15 balloons in play at any given time, so much fun). It was so funny watching them (the residents) play because some of them would get repeatedly hit in the back of the head with pool noodles or balloons and not even react to it. On the flip side, when I was handing out pool noodles, some of the residents would start hitting my butt in order to get my attention. And when I went to help someone stand up, he laughed and said I was looking for excuses to hold his hand (he thinks he’s charming). But overall, volunteering went really well! And I’m glad I went this week (missed last week because I wasn’t feeling well) and put in the time and also glad that I went at a different time than usual because it meant that I got to do new activities with everyone. So pleased with that.

Applications update!
I got mail today from one of the schools that I’ve applied to for their nursing program (technically, it’s the only completed application I’ve done – I still need to do the written portion of my application for the program at my current school and I still need to fill out the forms and hand in my supporting documents for two other schools – those are waiting for January, deadlines aren’t until the end of January/February) and I totally freaked out because the envelope was so damn thin. When I got accepted to the universities that I applied to when I was in grade 12, the envelopes were thicker than one sheet of paper folded up. This envelope only had one sheet of paper, so I was pretty crestfallen about it until I opened it out. Turns out it was just a letter to basically says:

Dear Michelle,

Thanks for applying to our school, your application will be processed in the next 4-6 weeks.

The school that you paid a $60 application fee to and sends out letters like these to scare you into thinking that you couldn’t get in.

Ahem. I may have taking a creative license with what I consider the letter to have ‘basically’ said. Just a little bit though.

Shopping for presents/craft supplies…
I made the mistake of going to the mall today, because I could… but gosh, there’s an absurd amount of people shopping at ~1pm at the mall on a Friday. Or was it just me? Do people just take extended lunch breaks…? Or not work…? Or work different shifts…? Or just bum around the mall all day…? Because I’m saw loads of people who looked high school aged walking around the mall at 1pm on a Friday afternoon. Then again, some people could argue that I look high school aged (it’s the short stature only, I swear).

Oh, and by the way, running for the train or bus in heels is not cool. As clumsy as I naturally am at times, I didn’t trip or fall once today. Yay.

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  1. I look like I’m about 5 years younger than I actually am too. Definitely look more like a high school student than a college student, for sure.

    But yeah, I’ve always wondered. Maybe they all skip class?

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