So I went with my sister go and buy her new computer last night. My mom was a little concerned, my sister was in the store for all of 5 minutes before handing over her credit card to drop nearly around $900 on the new laptop. It’s an HP laptop (dv6-series, same as mine – but with much better specs!). The salesperson came around and stared talking about how popular that specific laptop was, because it’s white (“Just like Macbooks!”) and how it’s cheaper than the Macs. So within 5 minutes of being in the store, and 2 minutes of talking to the salesperson (who reassured my sister about how all software is completely compatible with the 64-bit Windows 7), my sister bought her new laptop. At $750 base price, plus $100 for the basic set-up and plus tax (it was ~ $100 in tax alone… cripes). It’s a very nice laptop though, white keys with blue lettering – it’s quite nice. However, her touch pad is like shiny silver – like a mirror. I quite like my touch pad a lot better, mine’s dull silvery gray and doesn’t pick up fingerprints like a magnet.

Then we went around to a few other stores in the mall. My mom ended up getting presents for people at work – I love picking out presents. Especially of the edible variety, yum. Granted, none of it was for me. My sister bought liquor filled chocolates for her friend, and I picked up a little Muk Muk key chain that I quite liked, but ended up not getting ($10 for a keychain… No thanks!) and I picked out my dad’s Christmas gift (a hex bug, it’s quite cute!). I still have my sisters and my mom to make things for. My mom’s getting a scarf (she got one last year, but it was a very short one, this time it’ll be long enough to go around her neck at least once). Then for my sister’s… One’s getting a necklace so she’ll stop borrowing the ones that I’ve made for myself and my other sister is getting wrist warmers, so she’ll stop complaining about how cold it is to type on her computer’s keyboard downstairs or when she’s in her room. I’m even going to decorate them with buttons (because I have so gosh darn many).

Today’s been pretty low-key. I didn’t get any baking like I had wanted to do, but I did do a lot of preparation for my psychology final, which is Monday night. I finished writing up all my definitions, as well as rereading (and reading, some, for the first time – heh) the chapters in my textbook that are relevant. Tomorrow, I plan on doing most, if not all, of the essay prep (for 8 different topics – gah, some of the essay questions are long with so many parts – I think my prof was slightly sadistic when he was coming up with them).

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thursday and will have an even more wonderful Friday! Only eight more sleeps until Santa comes (hope you’ve all been good!).

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  1. Just gunna put this out there: you used “quite” a lot in a really short span of a couple sentences. “quite nice”, “quite like”, “quite liked”, and “quite cute” haha. I noticed. I had to point it out 😛 I actually went back and ctrl-Fed it because I wasn’t sure if I was going crazy or not.
    I bet you’re going to be self conscious about it now, and I’ll feel bad.

  2. Yeah I noticed that when I babysat the real baby LOL. She didn’t cry at all, she was pretty giggly and cheery and content for most of the time.. but she pooed a lot. :S

    Dayum, your sister is so lucky to get a nice laptop like that. Pretty expensive though. :O

    I hope you dad likes the hex bug that you bought him. 🙂 Best of luck with the essay prep, I hate essays with an undying passion. Sigh.

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