I must say, Caity, your comment made me crack up. Especially all that enthusiasm in the caps. But I am a dork… I think I sort of have to in order to find enjoyment in classes like that. =)

I left the house today (zomg). My mom wanted to go grocery shopping (again, she only bought fruit yesterday, heh), so we went out for lunch before shopping. Got groceries and hit up the dollar store at the mall. My sister got eyelash yarn for ‘hair’ for the stuffies that she’s making (trying to make… her tension is too loose and the stuffing is poking out quite a bit) and I bought a few packages of butterfly boxes (they’re adorable) for packaging jewellery purposes. Then my mom sent us home via public transit because she ran into a friend and whatnot. And she comes home with two packages of small little hair clips, because thought they’d be small enough for my dolls. I’ll take a photo of those later – there’s even a cartoon girl in the corner of the packaging that kinda looks like a Blythe, too cute.

I did not get much else done today. However, I did get green coloured sugar for my baking purposes! Not entirely impressed with the price that I paid (too embarrassed to share THAT online –¬† I was ripped off, but it was the cheapest that I could find). Didn’t get the photos I wanted to take done (… mostly because I ended up spending most¬† my morning/afternoon out of the house – surprising got a bit of studying done, thankfully I brought my textbook out with me). Tomorrow’s going to be just buckets of fun. Studying… cramming in more knowledge into my head (that I will promptly forget over winter break)… Yeah, just loads of fun. At least it’s just one more final! Then… hopefully… relaxation? Three cheers for that. Wait, not relaxation. Baking, wrapping, running around trying to find my embroidery scissors… Then relaxation. I think. Maybe.

Oh well, cross your fingers for me for tomorrow! And hope you all had a lovely Sunday.

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  1. Has your mom ever made you take public transport because she found a friend she knew before? That just seems so random!

    It sounds like you are extremely busy, so I have my fingers crossed for you!

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