I suppose I should have explained in my last entry that both myself and my sister already have valid bus passes, Alex. It’s not the first time that I’ve separate from my family or my sisters and I opted to take public transit home for whatever reason, we know the regular schedule pretty well, which does help. It wasn’t a big deal at all.

Anyways… My psychology final was easy peasy and was done fairly early by a lot of people in my class. The exam started at 7pm and we were allowed 3 hours to write it. The first person who handed in their exam left at around 7:40pm (when I first noticed the time). See, the exam consisted of 2 essay topics (we were given 8 possible essay topics ahead of time, knowing that 2 of them would show up on the final) and there were also a list of words that we would have to supply definitions for. Now, because the midterm had 8 terms, I expected more than that for the final (the midterm had 8 words and 1 essay, it was reasonable to expect like 16 terms with the 2 essays) but there was only 8 terms to write out the definitions for. I handed in my exam paper and left at 8:02pm. I got home much earlier than I honestly expected – I thought that I would need probably ~2 hours for the final. Needless to say, I still tired after studying nearly non-stop for that psychology final for so many days and hours… Only to have it all over in one. Can’t win them all, can I? It doesn’t even feel like it was worth all the trouble that studying and the preparation was. Oh well, it all works out in the end.

But getting home early has its advantages. Like being able to plan how I’m spending my first entire school free day tomorrow. For starters, I’ll be going to the bank, then off to volunteering for a few hours. Then I will be hopping onto a bus and heading to this awesome store where I will hopefully be buying copious amounts of wonderful yarn (there’s a sale going on… $2/ball for wonderful yarny goodness – but I haven’t been “allowed” out of the house, and I only found out this weekend, so I haven’t gone – yet). Then it’s to the library, where I’m picking up a hold, then off to finish wrapping up K’s birthday gift and then hopefully dropping it off before Christmas. Note to self, send her an email about that so she knows I’ll be dropping it off soonish. For some weird reason, I’ll be all into making or buying presents… But when it comes to the actual wrapping portion… I’m a bit slow in terms of it’ll be sitting in a bag (to keep it clean!) and be sitting… and sitting.. and sitting… there. Until I remember that “Oh shit, I need to give that to someone!” before, you know, I forget what it’s sitting there and it magically gets incorporated into my everyday wardrobe and then I wonder where on earth that present went. Yeeep, that’s me.

On the brightside, now that I’m officially on my winter break, it means that I can clean my room. Or at least organize it. Sort of. A little bit, maybe. I’ll start by taking those new shirts I bought out of the shopping bags and putting them into my closet or wardrobe. See, I can be really productive at times.

It’s late. I started writing this when it was still Monday, and my laptop is now informing me that it has been over 29 minutes of Tuesday so far. I got distracted by writing an article about amigurumi for chelle-chelle.com, as well as reading threads over at Ravelry (wonderful resource if you’re looking to crochet, knit, spin [yarn] or dye [yarn], by the way).

Hope everyone had a wonderfully awesome Monday and that everyone has an even better Tuesday.

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