Today was my first official day of holidays. I went to volunteering and watched the residents playing Wii. Have you ever seen senior citizens trying to play golf on the television screen? It was so funny, and they got incredibly excited whenever that they hit the ball. And then… Well… I went shopping today… As you might be able to tell…

All the loot! - 12/22/2009

The two with the yellow label (lower right hand corner) is sock yarn. The light purple, dark gray, light blue and bright fushia yarn is really yummy merino-wool blend… worsted weight, one of my favourites. The ones that are twisted (that will need to be turned into balls) are wool-alpaca. The colours are amazing in person. The little small ones are a mixture of silk, vicose, linen and nylon. The orange-looking ring shaped ones are kid mohair and wool. The blue ring shaped ones are alpaca. It was a lot of fun at the store. As you might be able to tell, as evidenced by my sudden stash enhancement. Yarn is a horrible addiction. Honestly. To be fair, buying enough yarn to keep me occupied for hours and hours and hours is a lot cheaper than the amount of money I’d need to keep me occupied for hours and hours and hours with beads.

So I lugged my loot around today, heh, when getting home from that area, and then going on the train, and the bus and then at the library. Seriously, I put my bag of yarn down while I was looking at romance novels and pattern books. It was a nice day though, very relaxing and I had a lot of fun. Lonely though, but it was okay overall. =)

Tomorrow’s going to be full of Christmas baking, which I’m looking forward to. I’m hoping to send at least 3 dozen cookies with my mom to work for her current coworkers/my former coworkers for Christmas Eve. And then I’m thinking at least a few dozen for my own family, since we’re seeing some extended family on Christmas Day, so that deserves cookies as well. Yay, baking. Can’t wait, my house is going to smell awesome!

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  1. wooo baking, thats it I’m coming over 🙂

    Its a good addiction, you could always make stuff and sell it.. At least your not addicted to facebook apps

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