Douche. My psychology prof apparently scaled down everyone’s term paper grade. Just the term paper, the test grades weren’t touched, but no matter what I do with math, it doesn’t turn up the ‘right’ number. =/ Hello, emailing my prof again.

Life’s been okay the last few days. Gotten a lot of reading done for math (ohemgee, I’m such a dork, reading math), for biochemistry and my two biology classes. Yeah, total dork/geek. Go me? But such is the life of a university student! I sent a few of my biochemistry note packages/work packages to work with my mom because there’s a 3-hole punch there… Unlike at home, where I have a single hole punch where I normally use a lined piece of paper as a template. But the packages are pretty thick =/ So I asked if she could and she just kind of waved her hand and went “Just put it into my bag…” Eh, as long as I get everything back with three holes in it, I’ll be fine. I need one of those packages when I go for tutorial on Monday.

I’ve also been watching my “bean buddy”. During my first plants physiology lab, we got to plant things (sunflowers, which stay in the lab room, and bush beans, which we got to take home). Someone in class asked what would happen if we didn’t continue to water it, my prof gave the guy and look and went “It’ll probably get mouldly.” Oh, also, in biochemistry, I learned how to keep a high from recreational drugs going longer thanĀ  it should. I also learned how to refine tobacco plants and cannabis in my plants physiology class.

Yeah, I’m getting a lot of education for my tuition money, yes? I swear, all 200-level science professors assume that their students drink, get high, smoke and really want to know how to make all of their students get high for longer, ahaha. After all, what are you supposed to say when your prof goes “So… Who here uses Cannabis sativa on a regular basis?” Honestly.

And lastly… A new girl traveling to my house… I think the Little Miss Sophie banner is going to get a little crowded (as it is, there’s three names on it).

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  1. Reading for math? That sounds like hell to me! I’d rather read War and Peace and write a 20 page paper on it! LOL

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