Most interesting thing that I have learned yesterday: kale, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi and broccoli are all cultivated from the same species, Brassica oleracea. My tuition money obviously goes to good use if I’m learning things like that. My plants physiology professor had no good reason why brussels sprouts doesn’t taste good to most people (lol). She had raw brussels sprouts to hand out (so we could examine the leaf nodes and whatnot) and she held one up and asked us what it was and a few people shouted out things like “gross” and “disgusting”. Ahhh… I’ve actually only ever tried brussels sprouts once. And they were raw (not today in class!) and I didn’t like them.

Also, I went shopping today… Because I could… And bought an Olympics Vancouver 2010 hoodie.

Olympics hoodie

And yeah…. Size 14 Girls for $30 (more expensive than most of the stuff I wear now, haha, well not in terms of full retail value, just by now much I  paid for it). The Adult Women’s hoodie that looked the exact same but was an adult Small was $50. Uh huh…

Close up!

People say that the logo looks like a hockey goalie. They might be right.

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  1. Learning the species of broccolli is definitely a good way to spend tuition money, but when will you ever need it? But anyways, my neighbor claims that brussel sprouts taste alright with some butter, salt, and pepper. I personally am not too sure about that though. 🙂

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