I’m studying today…

49/365 - Is this really what you want to be doing today?

… can’t you tell?

On a similar note, I had the follow conversation ~5 minutes ago with my dad (D for Dad, M for me):

D: You need to go and buy milk.
M: I’m studying.
D: You always say you’re studying when I want you to do something.
M: *holds up lab manual* Stud-eeee-ing.
D: You’re just lazy. *stomps off*

Please not that I’m not lazy (most of the time?) and that my father is ‘retired’ and spends all day at home. Oh, and the store that we go and buy milk from is a very short walk from my house. And he was home all day and waited until I got home from school to inform someone in the house that we need milk. Because, you know, it’s just too much damn work to change out of one’s pajamas and to go for a (short!) walk to buy something that one would like to be able to consume.

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  1. Good luck studying!

    I can’t believe that your Dad would say something like that. Aren’t parents supposed to want their kids to have a good work ethic? That’s just ridiculous! Sounds like HE was the one who was too lazy to go get milk. Haha.

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