Having relatives around reminds me why we live so far in the first place. I kid, I kid. (Sort of.) But so far, my sisters and I have been asked the following questions, repeatedly:

I can predict the questions now, with pretty good accuracy, before they even come up! Oh, I also get asked why I got my ears pierced, how could I do such a horrible thing, don’t I know that only disobedient people go and get their body parts pierced? Well duh, who said my parents ever approved of it? But I have to say, my mom does comment on my earrings whenever I’m wearing the ones that I’ve made! So there’s subtle approval there, even if she’ll never admit it. Same with when my aunt commented on the fact that my hair was a dark reddish brown (when I was in full sunlight, it’s because it was dyed a few years ago and the hair’s still there… Shows how often I get my hair cut, eh?).

I have a question for those that rent (on behalf of my sister, who’s dealing with a creepy landlord – she rents the basement suite, and gets half of it – there’s another rented basement suite). Is it legal for the landlord to make up rules about not being allowed temporary overnight guests or to dictate how long your guests can stay for (the contract that my sister had to sign to get the place states that guests aren’t allowed to stay past 10:00pm)? I mean, I know things like ‘no pets’ or ‘no smoking’ are normal, and she’s totally fine with those. But her landlord made a comment to her about how she doesn’t use the bathroom fan as much as she should (it’s loud, so he can probably hear it upstairs) and will make comments on how little groceries she buys, or whenever she has new purchases to bring into her apartment, he’ll comment on it a few days later.

Hope everyone had a lovely Tuesday!

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  1. Idk if it’s legal, but I know people do try to do that to their tenants. I see agreements like being advertised on Craigslist all the time.
    I can understand why a landlord would want to dictate how long guests can stay (ie, when guests start staying for a month, it’s like their living there too) but that seems a little unreasonable. Check the tenant act.

  2. I’m not sure if that’s legal, but if it was in the lease agreement I suppose she has to abide by it. It sounds like though that she might need to have a conversation about it with him, find out what his reasons are. Or move… which sucks, but I’ve found that living in an apartment versus renting a shared space is much better.

  3. That’s really weird that it says she can’t have guests after 10p… to me thats really weird. I’d contact a lawyer and just ask… Here they have “Legal Aid” where you can even call and get free adivce and ask questions… so weird.

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