Today at work, it started innocently enough. I arrived, I said good morning to everyone, I got my tea. And then one of my coworkers (who delighted in unplugging my mouse from my computer to see how long it would take for me to realize it was unplugged, what a childish idiot) decided to unplug my mouse while I went into a short meeting with my supervisor. I came back, tried to maximize one of my windows back up, the mouse icon isn’t there, I go and plug my mouse back in. This coworker was (wisely?) not there waiting to see my expression. Such a jerk. When he showed up again, and asked me with this gleeful little smile how my computer was, I asked him how old he was. And then he sputtered his age and I informed him that he was old enough to know better and to keep his hands off of things that weren’t his. Oh, and then at this point, his supervisor walked into the room and laughed that this coworker got put into his place by someone half his age and thanked me for lecturing him. Ugh.

In other news, I’ve been working on new content for one of my other sites, been getting photos taken of new jewellery that I’ve made and I’ve been working on a new crochet pattern  for an toddler/child’s hat… I’m pretty sure I’m going to be getting my lovely coworkers to test them out on their kids for me. Because, you know, I’m lacking in the children department – but my hat idea would look pretty darn ridiculous on me if you saw it, lol. But considering all the work that I’ve put into it so far, I’m thinking only 2 hat sizes for the one pattern. I’m hoping to make it my first ‘for sale’ pattern. Cross your fingers!

And my aunt and uncle keep on inviting themselves over for dinner. Which is super annoying, because it leads into my aunt talking to me about how nice it is that I’m working in an office job and how cute it is that I’m employed. She makes doing office work sound like it’s such an easy gig just because I’m just a girl (she even alluded to such a thing!). Do you all realize how difficult it is to bite my tongue to her regarding her own trainwreck of a son? So difficult. But actually saying stuff about her son would be such a major insult to her, because it’s just not something that’s “done” in the culture that they’re so invested in. Family is, after all, family. And we’re supposed to all stick together, no matter what. Lah de dah… Clearly they’ve never taken a biology class where you learn about cutting out the diseased part of the body… Diseased part = cousin, body = family.

C’est la vie.

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  1. Nah you’re not cranky…. justifiably pissed off is what I’d call it. I only work with 4 other people, and generally only see them one at a time, if ever. Thankfully everyone here as a concept of personal respect, and nobody messes with anyone else’s stuff.

    Do you make your jewelry with sterling silver?

    I’m also lucky/cursed that all my family lives out west. The only family I have locally is my mom, and she’s good about letting me live my life. Technically I’m the black sheep in the family, but nobody comments on it… probably cause I wouldn’t acknowledge them either way.

  2. Yeah that would annoy the hell out of me, especially in a work environment. It’s one thing if it’s a prank played at home but at work? Not acceptable.

    Would do you typically get your jewelry supplies? I need some suggestions as I only have a few places I frequent.

    1. When I first started making jewellery (nearly 10 years ago now!), I mostly frequented chain craft stores – like Michaels, or the craft sections of department stores. Over the last few years, I’ve really branched out to small, indie bead stores. I get a lot of my more unique focal pieces at places like these – I still go back to dollar stores and general craft stores for things like seed beads or more ‘generic’ looking beads. But all my one of a kind, handmade glass beads all come from small indie bead stores. I’d definitely suggest looking for some in your area online, they have some amazing stuff!

      I’m a little wary about doing my bead shopping online – I like being able to actually look at the colours (it’s hard to tell how ‘true’ the colour is online), as well as being able to look at things like clarity and finishing coats on the beads. But for things that you already know how it’s going to look (say, standard sized seed beads in colours from a brand you’ve already tried before), I’d recommend online shopping as well!

      Hope that helps 🙂

  3. What I especially hate about those sorts of people is that they like to make you out to have “no sense of humor” when, honestly… it’s them that has a rather pathetic sense of what’s funny.

    1. I know! And then come the stupid snide comments about how “no one else” makes a big deal out of “nothing”.

      I’m so passive aggressive though – I bought in cookies that I baked and decorated with royal icing last night and I purposely didn’t offer one to the coworker who’d been bugging me (that being said, I did not have nearly enough for everyone as it was!) and he goes “Aren’t you going to offer me one?” and my reply was “It’s never a good idea to positively reinforce bad behaviour.”

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