Hello world, I’m still alive! (Did you miss me?)

Work has been pretty alright lately. Well, it was until things start to go wrong and then it’s a bit of a headache to fix… I somehow became in charge of a task (it’s to do with printing), which I don’t mind, as it’s pretty mindless sometimes and easy to do. Then comes people losing the paperwork that I print out for them, and asking for reprints (constantly, at least once per day). So I went and confiscated all the paperwork from the production department and it’s now all neatly arranged in boxes in my boss’ office.  So it’s stressful, and people always leave it until about 15 minutes before I’m supposed to be done work to inform me that they’ve lost stuff and need it reprinted (they don’t have access to the only printer that can do some of the stuff, they also don’t get access to some programs…). Hello, overtime. It keeps me busy, for the most part, and I’ve been just going-going-going lately, when it comes to work. I hope it slows down soon (and even if it doesn’t, my last day is coming up very soon).

I am sort of ready for the start of school. Tuition has been paid (ouch), I bought more printer paper, some pens, a new Staedtler eraser, lined paper, a handful of coiled notebooks and duo-tangs (they were $0.09 each! – before tax). In terms of supplies, I still need to get textbooks (some of my classes still don’t list books, one of them has confirmed that there is no textbook assigned to the class – thank you, Introductory Oceanography! – one of them also lists four ‘required’ textbooks) – I’m waiting until I actually go to the classes to see if I need the textbook(s), if there are actually textbooks assigned, if older editions are okay and (drumroll) if there are textbooks in the reserved sections of the library. Poor student is poor, and poor student prefers to spend money on other things besides textbooks. I also need 3 lab manuals, but those are generally inexpensive (cheapest one I’ve bought so far was $5, most expensive was huge, high quality printing, binding and paper, at ~$70) and I won’t be able to get it until labs actually start (not during first week). I’m sure I’ll figure out new things that I need to get my hands on (off the top of my head right now, I know I need new scalpel blades and I’ll probably want to get a new calculator, or just new batteries). Oh, and I already bought a box of blue powder-free nitrile gloves for labs ($10 for 100 pairs, versus $1/pair in lab).

In other news, I got a new-to-me bed! I went from a double to a queen, someone in my family got a new bed, so I got their older one (which is a lot newer than my old bed, so I’ll take it) It’s so big, and makes me feel really small, heh.

So… What is new in your world? I’ve done some development on my new domains – haven’t gotten them up and running yet though! And I’ve got some other small projects and things that I want to get done before school starts up again – I have 3 more (full) terms left before I graduate (and apply and hopefully get accepted into a new program!).

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  1. I hate trying to figure out book situations when it comes to classes!
    After I discovered half.com though, I was much more happy! especially since I didn’t receive financial aide like most people.
    4 books for one class must be some kind of record!
    I want a bigger bed so bad! David is too…wiggly? i guess is the word and then sam has to sleep in the middle or the end. i feel like a sandwich!
    and well done on those gloves. 🙂

    ./yes nichole. very random, 🙂

  2. Drool, domains. I promised myself not to get any more until December, unless I get approved for a fanlisting that’s a wishlister (that I want to get a domain for :P). Good luck on those! All 15 of my domains are open, though some need revamps.

    I never had to buy many textbooks for university. I bought one last year, and because I’m a cheapskate, I thought $70 was a lot for one book. And I got a discount on that, too! Most of the material we get are from online sources and have been scanned in and are available to us when we log in online. And from that, we are expected to do our own research.

    I got a new bed a few months ago; I’ve always had a single bed though. I used to have a double bed in my room but it was used for guests if we had any.

    1. Fudge, 15?! *falls over* And I thought I had a lot… 5 used, 2 being developed.

      What’s your degree in again? I have a text that cost ~$200 (brand new, no used ones available). I find that science texts are always more expensive, in relativity. I spent less on my arts elective courses overall than my science classes (since those include textbooks, lab manuals, other stuff).

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