My last day of work was on Friday. It was rather bittersweet, seeing as I knew I had to go back to school (tuition’s already paid for and my school is incredibly stingy with doing refunds) and I was actually quite happy that I no longer have to go and do reprints of everything printed previously (the rate at which people lose important paperwork is astounding). Although, to be perfectly only, right up until 5 minutes before I was supposed to leave, I was reprinting paperwork. Oh, I also didn’t leave on time on my last day either (oh, OT, I’m going to miss you after my last paycheque!). Needless to say, I don’t miss the people at work right now (save for my boyfriend), but I’m sure I’ll miss them (eventually). Where else am I going to find people with children that can be willing (unwilling?) hat models for me?

Preperations for school have kind of stalled. I got some new clothes yesterday – but nothing with long sleeves, nothing for the weather I’m supposed to be preparing for… So instead, I’m all set for spring of 2011! Awesome, yes? But I did get 5 pairs of knee socks to replace some of the ones I bought last year that are just starting to show any sort of wear (beyond a little bit of pilling). I made a list of all the textbooks I need (one of my classes finally listed a textbook – it’s $16.07 online!). I’ll go and do a little comparison shopping with my school’s bookstores before committing to buying anywhere (if worse comes to worse, I’ll order them all online and probably pay the $5 for express shipping just so I don’t wait for too long for them to arrive). In other awesome news, I got all new bed stuff (fitted sheet, flat sheets, pillow cases, comforter, and pillow shams… I still don’t know what that actually is). I was hoping to get dark purple, but my mom found this set in shades of blue and it’s alright… better than the pale pink one that’s currently on my bed (and slightly clashing with my lime green walls!).

I finished my readings for my first oceanography class on Wednesday… I also have an assignment and an online quiz to do for that class before my Friday’s lecture. Already. Apparently each class will have an assignment, and they do random collections (so excited? At least I’ll be forced to keep up with the material!). I’m really glad that I never sold or threw out* my 100-level physics textbook set now, as the class borrows heavily on first year physics (that I took in 2007 and 2008…).

So I am looking forward to going back to school… and I’m not all at the same time? I’m taking two courses this term that have physics listed as a prerequisite, so I’m kind of nervous about how much I actually need to know (class 1: oceanography. class 2: animal motion and locomotion – focuses on flight, undulations, swimming – I’m actually really looking forward to this). So far, the class with the most expensive textbook(s) is my entomology class (yeah, the one that I really want to take is going to cost me the most money!). But looking forward to it all the same – insects galore!

Still some things to do – primarily selling back an old English textbook (that a professor is finally using again, I wonder of it’s LM that’s teaching that class? I liked her, she incredibly difficult to please with papers, but it was a good kind of challenge), figuring out if I need the textbooks listed, sorting through old stuff all around in my room, cleaning, more baking, etc. Such is life.

I also have 2 domains I’m still working on… Oy. What’s new with you?

* The other day, my father was trying to convince me to throw out all my books because he never sees me reading them. This included pointing at my physics text and my anatomy & physiology textbook. Cripes. I’m never selling that one (the A&P), it was $200+ and the most beautiful textbook I have ever owned.

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