I went curling yesterday because it was K’s birthday thing. It was pretty fun, although I did accuse K of wanting to publicly humiliate me because the guy who was teaching us how to curl was telling us about how it was all in the ass and core muscles so we had to learn how to thrust our bodies forward with our ass (i.e. up in the air and then forward slide). It was fun though. I’m kinda really bad at sliding forward and kept on hitting my knee against the ice, which means that today I have a lovely orange-sized deep purple bruise on my right knee. It’s very attractive, let me assure you. But it was fun!

My favourite part is when I threw the rock down the sheet of ice and knocked the opposing team’s rock out of the way, or when it got close to the middle.

My least favourite part was the whole knee-hitting-the-ice bit.

Overall, curling was a nice experience. It was fun, it was painful. I like throwing the rocks more than sweeping because that involves running when it goes too fast for me to keep up with. If curling was ever something on my bucket list (not that I have one), I’d be able to cross it off now.

I’d been teasing Clay that I had a surprise for him since last week and today it kinda just got revealed in a lackluster kind of way. See, last week (I finished exams, whoot) I found out that the company that I work for during the summers needed some extra help doing data entry. And, you know, they thought of me. Probably because I am: inexpensive, quick, efficient, high level of accuracy (if I do say so myself!) and because I don’t require any training because I wrote the manual on how to edit, filter and do things in the program. So I’m working over my winter break. Which is fine, really, since it’s so short to begin with (I know someone who got a whole three and a half weeks off between terms, I have 2 more days of holiday more than public grade school students do). And work keeps me out of trouble (not that I really get into it) and I get to make a bit of money which will be going towards a trip in 2011 – first vacation since middle school, go me.

So that’s what I have planned for my winter holidays now: work.

I also want to get some baking done (shortbread, sugar cookies, cupcakes), which I will probably start tomorrow. And then there’s the whole getting together with friends and seeing people and waiting impatiently for mail to arrive (I have 3 packages coming to me from 3 different companies, plus 1 package that still needs to ship due to being backordered). I’m clearly celebrating Christmas to myself. In my defense, one was ordered late November and they have a week processing time (slow, I know) plus it’s by regular mail. I don’t see a point in paying for express post when I can wait (and I ordered t-shirts, it’s not exactly t-shirt weather right now anyways). And everything else… well, at least one package is scheduled to arrive 2 days before the new year!

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