I’m going to have to admit: I may have giggled a little when I read the comments on my last (donut) blog entry about how it’s totally nutritious and a well-deserved treat. I’ll save you all from seeing what I ate for lunch today because it was practically soaking in oil, but oh so delicious, if not probably enough calories to last me an entire week. I try so hard to not be a good example.

I also baked cookies this morning. Nom nom nom.

My day went as follows: woke up at 5am, made breakfast, baked cookies, put cookies on cooling rack, ran around like a mad person getting ready and tossing a bagel into my bag (I put cream cheese on it last night – I anticipate madness), got to school at a ridiculous time, wrote an 8:30am statistics final (I feel confident that I did not fail the course!), hung around, chatted with friends post-final, listened to people hyperventilate, went home, ate my disgusting nutritious lunch, watched tv (omg, tv), napped, ate dinner, watched tv (!!!), knitted, drank tea, now I’m writing this blog. I may have left out a few things, but seriously, most chill day ever (considering I also wrote a final today).

In essence, I relaxed for the rest of the day after my stats final. My prof is awesome for not being a total evil person for wanting us all to fail! Three cheers for Dr. B! (I also wrote him a good review in my instructor’s evaluations).

But I still have two more finals to write – I’m going to be off to school tomorrow to study for oceanography (yet another required course – sort of, I need oceanography credits, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be that class, but I did spend $500+ on the course, so I’d better pass the darn thing!) and for my phytogeography class (which is made of utter love I tell you, love!). Two more finals before I’m free… It makes it seem like I don’t like school – which isn’t the case. I like getting an education, I hate having such a huge portion of my grade dependent on less than 3 hours.


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  1. I LOVE BAKING COOKIES!! I love baking in general. You love watching tv lol. That’s all I’ve been doing now that I’m finished my finals LOL.

    Good luck on your finals! At least you only have 2 more to go! And I agree with you on the sad idea of how our grades are based on a couple of hours. I hate finals!

    I replied to you comment on my site about school. That’s cool that you are in [city] too! I don’t know too many people who blog and stuff in the same area as me! What school are you going to or planning to go to for nursing? I’m actually in [school] right now.

  2. Hooray for having a chill day and an extremely nutritious meal. ;D

    I haven’t watched television in a long time… there is nothing on for me to watch, so I usually watch DVDs or videos on YouTube. Definitely very relaxing.

    Good luck in the last two finals! It always bugs me when one assignment is worth 50%. D:

  3. -slides in- completely unrelated… but I just wanted to say I’ll be moving sites soon, so I can totally email you my new link when I’m done ;D

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